Feed extruder production line / fish feed production line

Feed extruder production line is a feed pelle production line. It mainly processes crushed grains, straw, husk, and fish meal, meat meal, bone meal into feed pellet to feed aquatic animals and pets. The whole feed pellet production line includes two types, dry process and wet process. Both lines output feed pellets with high automation. According to different raw materials and capacity demands, we provide different models of machines for customers choosing.

The whole line widely applies to aquaculture industry and pet food processing industry, this is fully in line with the modernization of agricultural machinery production line. In recent years, this production line has been favored by the majority of consumers from America, Nigeria, Ghana, Tanzania, Pakistan, Colombia, etc..  

Dry process feed extruder production line

Technological process

Raw material crusher→ mixer→ screw conveyor→ extruder→ pneumatic conveyor→ dryer→ bucket conveyor→ counter flow cooler→ roller sprayer→ bucket conveyor→ finished product bin→ packing machine

Brief introduction

The crusher machine crushes the raw material, hammer mill machine is always a good choice. The screw conveyor transferred the crushed material into mixer, after equably blending, the material goes into extruder. Extruder squeezes and outputs pellets into pneumatic conveyor, and then the pellets are transferred to dryer.

The mesh belt dryer dries pellets layer by layer, then goes out into counter flow cooler. The pellets comes from cooler, then goes into the spraying machine and it sprays pellets evenly. Some grease will increase the palatability and allure of pellets. Bucket conveyor will send the pellets to finished product bin, to some consumers, the production line is completely finished now. But customer can also choose to add one packing machine to package those pellets into bags, which can be sold easily.     

Wet process feed extruder production line

Technological process

Raw material crusher→ mixer→ screw conveyor→ conditioning apparatus→ boiler→ extruder→ pneumatic conveyor→ dryer→ bucket conveyor→ counter flow cooler→ roller sprayer→ bucket conveyor→ finished product bin→ packing machine

Brief introduction

The raw material after crushing by the crusher, then being transferred by screw conveyor into mixer. After equably stirring and mixing, the material goes into conditioning apparatus. The conditioning apparatus connects to the boiler, which turns material into steamed, and then the conveyor transfers material into extruder. This step is the main point that’s different from dry process production line.

Extruder outputs pellets into pneumatic conveyor, and then the pellets goes to dryer. Mesh belt dryer dries pellets, then pellets go out into counter flow cooler. After cooling, the pellets goes into the roller sprayer and gets grease sprayed evenly. Bucket conveyor will send the pellets to finished product bin, finally the packing machine packages pellets into bags.

Difference between dry and wet process feed extruder production line

The dry process is to crush the raw material and mix it well, then expand it into pellets directly.

The wet process needs the steam boiler, and the extruder also needs to equip with a conditioning apparatus, which connects with the boiler through the pipe. After crushing and mixing, the advanced conditioning apparatus and steam can fully pre-mature the pellets, and then the extruder can squeeze the material into pellets.

Compared between the same power of two types, the wet process machine output is higher, the material will be slightly delicate. However, the wet process needs a steam boiler, and the production process is relatively intricate.

Main machines introduction



The crusher part of feed pellet production line mainly consists of two machines, crushing machine and cyclone. We provide hammer mill machine as crusher, which uses hammers and sieves to output fine powder of raw material. Cyclone collects the dust, and reduces the internal pressure of the crusher, then increases the capacity.



According to the formula and ingredient standards, the required raw materials are accurately weighed. Then the mixer processes weighed raw materials into semi-finished products with the mixing uniformity up to the technical requirements.



The conveyor includes screw conveyor, pneumatic conveyor, and bucket conveyor. Conveyor is an important machine to improve the automation of the production line.


extruder / granulator

It’s the main machine of the whole production line. It decides the capacity of the line and varies of models mainly distinguished by output. The shape and figure is adjustable by changing the molds of extruder.



The fish feed production line adopts mesh belt dryer machine. It dries pellet layer by layer evenly, can remove the moisture content of feed pellets. The dryer can increase the storage time of pellets. Besides, conveyor transfers pellets into dryer automatically, which saves a lot of human labor.

Counter flow cooler

It is the most advanced cooling technology of pellet feed in the world, mainly for the cooling of high temperature feed pellet after pelletization. The feed pellets through the cooler are not easy to deteriorate and can be preserved for a long time. It’s a necessary machine among the product line.

Oil spraying machine

oil spraying machine

It sprays grease onto the pellets to increase the palatability and attraction, which makes the feed pellet much easier for animal to eat.

Packaging machine

packaging machine

Varies models are mainly distinguished by the weight of per bag. We provide many choices for customers who want to sell the pellets directly after production.


1.What’s the process of making feed pellet?

Crusher→ mixer→ screw conveyor→ extruder→ pneumatic conveyor→ dryer→ bucket conveyor→ counter flow cooler→ roller sprayer→ bucket conveyor→ finished product bin→ packing machine.

2.How to choose the most suitable line?

The machine machine, extruder, decides the capacity of whole line. So you can check which model of extruder is most suitable for you.

3.What if I don’t want some of them?

Of course you can choose the machine you need, the machines that concluded in technological process are to your reference.

4.I want to know more details of extruder/ conveyor/ etc…

Please check this website, there are very detailed articles which introduce each machine in other pages.

5.Can I change the shape of pellet?

Yes of course. You can change the shape of pellet by changing the molds of extruder, also, we accept customization.

6.What’s the warranty time of this equipment?

One year.

7.What floor space do I need to build this equipment?

It depends on what do you need exactly. And our sales clerk will help you design the layout according to your plant area, your needed machine and your budget.

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