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Animal fish feed pellet making machine
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Animal fish feed pellet making machine is the equipment that can process various feeds into fish food pellets. And the fish feed pellets processed by the fish food pellet mill have high hardness, smooth surface and internal maturation, which can improve the digestion and absorption of nutrition.

The pellet formation process can denature the pancreatic enzyme resistance factor in cereals and legumes to reduce the adverse effects on digestion. And also reduce all kinds of worm and digestive system diseases. Before using the fish food pellet mill, the material needs to be processed using a grain crusher. So, the crushed material can only be put into the fish food pellet mill for processing.

Fish feed pellet extruder
Fish Feed Pellet Extruder

Brief introduction of fish feed pellet making machine

Animal fish feed pellet making machine is a single screw extrusion type extruding equipment, which can process various livestock and poultry, pets, and aquatic feeds. And, it can not only process a single raw material and a variety of materials. Also, before processing the material, we should use the feed mixer to mix it well. For the expansion of aquafeed, feed pellet-making machines can produce both floating and sinking feeds. 

Our animal feed pellet making machine has the characteristics of low noise, high work efficiency, convenient operation, and complete functions. And we have different machine models for different capacity requirements. So customers can choose the models according to their needs. What’s more, we also have different molds for different animals with different sizes of feed pellets. And with the pursuit of high yield and high-quality feed. Animal fish feed pellet making machine is very popular among farmers.

What is the using scope of fish feed extruder machine

The poultry feed machine can produce feed that is suitable for chicken, duck, fish, goose, shrimp, dogs, cats, etc. And the raw material can be cereals, meat, flour, soybean meal, rapeseed meal, and cotton meal, etc. It is widely used in large, medium and small aquaculture, such as fish farming in ponds, fish farming in paddy fields, fish farming in tap water, cage farming, and captive fish farming in sea water. Grain and feed processing plants, livestock farms, poultry farms, etc.

Structure of fish feed pellet making machine

The structure of the feed pellet machine mainly included a feeder (bucket), extrusion device, power and transmission system, frame, electric control system, etc.

Floating fish feed pellet machine's structure
Floating Fish Feed Pellet Machine’S Structure
  1. The feeder (hopper) is of automatic speed regulation type. And consists of a hopper, a pushing screw, a discharge pipe, and a shell.
  2. The extrusion device is the core part of the feed pellet machine. According to different uses, that is, extruding different materials and different discharging methods, we can select the corresponding combination.
  3. Electronic control system. Based on the power of the host and the feeding form, the configuration is also different. The feed pellet making machine has an independent control box, which can be placed on one side of the machine or fixed on the frame.

Working video of fish feed pelletizer

Working video of fish feed making machine

Parameter of small fish feed pellet machine

Main power18.5kw
Cutter power0.4kw
Feed supply power0.4kw
Screw Diameter70mm
Parameter of floating fish feed pellet machine

Advantages of the fish feed pellet machine

  1. This livestock feed pellet machine can adapt to different production requirements. Such as, it can be used for raw material processing or special feed production in large and medium-sized feed mills. And small feed mill farms can also use this livestock feed pellet machine as the main equipment to produce feed.
  2. We can adjust this pellet machine to different materials and different production conditions. Because it can process different materials and make different sizes of feed.
  3. The feed pellet making machine has a simple structure and it is practical. And the whole machine is exquisite in shape, simple in structure, and easy to operate and maintain.
  4. Low energy consumption and high maneuverability.
  5. The fish food pellet machine has wide applicability, small footprint and low noise.
  6. The fish pellet feed produced by the fish feed pellet machine can effectively prevent and control fish diseases.
  7. The floating fish feed extruder is equipped with various aperture molds. And they are suitable for granulation of different materials and can achieve the best effect.

Why use a fish feed pellet machine?

  1. Pellet feed fish farming has less pollution to water quality, which is convenient for water quality management. So, it is beneficial to the improvement of fish carrying capacity in water bodies.
  2. Adopting this fish farming method in areas with difficult water sources can greatly increase the farming output.
  3. Pellets stay in the water for a short time and lose less nutrients, which is beneficial to the digestion and absorption of fish. Therefore, the utilization rate of feed is improved and the feed coefficient is reduced.

Successful case

Customers from Belgium leave their contact details by browsing our fish pellet making machine website. So, our sales managers communicate with customers via whatsapp. And in the process of communication, we learned that the customer needs a fish food pellet machine with an output of 40kg per hour. And the power of the machine is a diesel engine. The customer also indicated that 10 pellet molds of different diameters were required. Therefore, the sales manager provided the customer with a quotation, and the customer was satisfied with all aspects of the machine after viewing it. Finally decided to place an order to buy the machine. The following is the packaging and delivery diagram of the machine.