Nigerian Customers Favour Our Fish Feed Pellet Mill for Healthy Fish Farming

floating fish feed pellet machine
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Nigeria, as one of the largest economies in Africa, has a rapid development of its aquaculture industry. Recently, one of our fish feed pellet mill machines was successfully exported to Nigeria to meet the urgent need of a local customer who is keen on fish farming to make healthy fish feed.

Flat die pellet extruder
Flat Die Pellet Extruder

Background Information of the Customer

The Nigerian customer is a fish farming enthusiast who has built a fish pond at his home. For him, it is not only a hobby but also a desire to achieve self-sufficiency in fish products through home-grown fish farming. Therefore, he decided to make his fish feed in pursuit of a healthier and more nutritious way of fish farming.

Fish feed pellet mill
Fish Feed Pellet Mill

Customer Needs and Expectations

The customer’s needs are mainly focused on how to make healthy fish feed efficiently. He hopes that while he can master the feed formula by himself, he can achieve high-efficiency production through our fish feed pellet mill, to provide continuous feed support for his family farming.

Reason for Purchase Feed Pellet Machine

During the market research, the customer learned about the performance and production effect of the feed pellet machine by browsing the related video posted on YouTube. Attracted by the machine’s efficient granulation technology, they finally decided to choose our products.

Fish Feed Pellet Mill Advantages

Our fish food pellet machine adopts advanced granulation technology and can be personalized according to the feed formula provided by customers. The high efficiency and energy-saving features make it easy for customers to make balanced and nutrient-rich fish feed at home, which enhances farming efficiency.

Experience Sharing and Positive Feedback

The customer had a great experience after using our fish feed pellet mill machine. He shared that the feed made by the machine not only meets the growth needs of fish but also greatly reduces his financial burden. The advantage of homemade fish feed is that it is more capable of controlling the quality of feed to ensure the health and quality of fish farming.

Floating fish feed pellet extruder
Floating Fish Feed Pellet Extruder

We will continue to maintain close communication and cooperation with our Nigerian customers and provide them with more advanced and efficient farming solutions. If you are also interested in feed processing machines, welcome to browse this website and feel free to contact us.