Small Fish Pellet Machine for Sale

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As a professional feed machine manufacturer, we produce many types of small fish pellet machines. This article will share the types and prices of our small fish pellet mill and the countries where we are sold.

Types of Small Scale Fish Pellet Machines

There are two types of small fish feed pellet machines that we currently sell. The first type is that the engine and the machine are separated. It mainly includes electric and diesel engines.

The second type is the small fish food pellet machine that integrates the motor and host, and the motor is inside the machine. The height is about 1 meter. The whole machine is 1.7 meters high, which is more stable and thicker. Advantages:

  • 1. Low noise, saving time and space, and easier operation.
  • 2. The front discharge part is changed to the push-pull type.
  • 3. It adopts 45 steel that high-temperature quenching, and it has a good puffing effect.
  • 4. Higher extruder rate.

Functions of Small Fish Food Machine

The cutter is next to the mold. It can produce feed for chickens, ducks, fish, geese, aquatic products, and pets. The material inlet is automatically fed, and the material is evenly fed. The screw sleeve is heated, and the temperature is 150-180 degrees, and it is automatically extruded and expanded.

The heating switch is not required at the beginning. The cutting length can be based on the cutter example adjust, the slower the longer. You can use the electric heating switch after the machine wears out with the longer use. This type of fish feed pellet machine can produce floating fish food pellets as well as sinking fish food pellets.


In summary, the second type of small fish pellet machine cannot use diesel engines. the motor adopts 2 phases of electricity. If you want a small diesel fish pellet machine, please choose the first type. The sizes of fish food produced by the two types of small fish food pellet machines are within 1-12mm. According to the fish pellet machines sold, most customers will choose 1.5mm, 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm molds. Many customers call these two types of small fish pellet machines differently. Some call them floating fish food pellet machine, and some customers call them floating fish pellet making machine, and floating fish feed pellet mill.

What Is the Price of Small Fish Food Making Machine?

In summary, the two types of small fish pellet machines have different models and different prices. Prices vary from one to two thousand dollars to several thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. In addition, some customers may need more abrasive tools or more wearing parts. So the price will be different. If you are interested in our small fish pellet machine, you can ask for the specific model and its price.

Mold and cutter
Mold And Cutter

What Kind of Fish Feed Can Be Produced by the Fish Feed Pellet Mill?

The small fish food pellet mill can produce floating fish food pellets and sinking fish food. This will ensure that fish at all levels in the waters can eat fish feed. So as to ensure the healthy growth of fish. The production process is the same, while you need to replace a screw sleeve at the end when making the sinking fish feed.

Floating fish feed pellet and sinking fish feed pellet
Small Fish Pellet Machine For Sale 7

Countries Where Small Fish Pellet Machines Have Sold?

Currently, we sell small fish pellet machines in Cameroon, India, Ghana, Malaysia, Nigeria, the United States, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Bangladesh, etc.

fish pellet machine in Nigeria

The Nigerian client is a professional breeding farmer who bought the entire fish pellet production line from us. These machines include a feed mixer, fish feed extruder, fish feed pellet mill, Fish feed dryer, and Fish feed coating machine.