Floating Fish Feed Machine Helps Burkina Faso Aquarium

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At the beginning of this month, one floating fish feed machine from our factory was completed and packaged for dispatch to Burkina Faso. The customer operates an aquarium and needs a large quantity of high-quality fish feed to ensure that the fish receive proper nutrition. The customer has high requirements for feed quality and availability.

Reasons for purchasing floating fish feed machine

We introduced the details of the fish food pellet machine to the customer and showed the company’s professionalism and reliability by sending the URL to show the machine’s performance and after-sales service.

At the same time, we showed our customers the usage of our previous customers to prove the authenticity and effectiveness of our products. And, according to the customer’s request, we have added English logos to the control buttons.

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We introduced the advantages of our company to the customer by sending detailed machine details and after-sales service information.

In addition, the manager had a video communication with the customer to show the company’s strength and production process, which enhanced the customer’s trust and willingness to buy.

Purchase process and results

The customer from Burkina Faso learned detailed information about the machine through the website and the rich video we provided and communicated fully with the manager. Subsequently, the customer decided to buy the floating fish feed machine and completed the transaction in the middle of the day. The shipment of this machine will help the customer to better meet the feed demand of the aquarium and improve the operating efficiency of the aquarium.