Taizy Small Livestock Feed Granulator Machines Help Poultry Farming In Ecuador

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Taizy livestock feed granulator machine continues to sell well, and at the beginning of this month, we sold 8 sets of small-sized flat die pellet mills suitable for home use to Ecuador, which are used by the customer to make duck feed.

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Livestock feed granulator machine
Livestock Feed Granulator Machine

How The Customer Contacted Us

This customer was first introduced to our products by browsing our machine operation videos posted on YouTube. Through in-depth consultation and communication, we learned that the customer has a nest of ducks in his family, which is mainly used to produce duck eggs for sale in the local market.

Livestock Feed Granulator Machine Advantages

  • Our small feed pellet mill became the first choice of this farmer, and its main advantages are reflected in many aspects such as convenience, high efficiency, and economy.
  • By processing various raw materials into pellet feed, this customer can better control the ducks’ diet and improve the production performance of the ducks.
  • The pelletizer machine is compact and flexible enough to fit the needs of a family farm, and easy to operate, lowering the threshold for use.
Poultry feed granulation machine
Poultry Feed Granulation Machine

Customer Needs and Expectations

This customer expressed a strong demand for a livestock feed granulator machine after in-depth communication with our business manager. He hopes that by processing his feed through the machine, he will not only be able to better control his costs but also be able to provide a better quality and balanced diet for his ducks.

Household animal food pellet machine
Household Animal Food Pellet Machine

Positive Feedback and Experience Sharing

After using our feed pellet machine, the customer shared some insights and experiences in the process of using it and believed that the machine not only improved the production level of his ducks but also significantly reduced his work pressure. In addition, he said he would continue to pay attention to our other products to better optimize his own farming business.