Poultry feed pellet making machine for sale

Poultry feed pellet making machine for sale
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With the development of feed industrialization, more and more farmers use poultry feed pellet making machine to make feed. The feed pellet machine is favored by many users. Because it is convenient operation, durability and advanced technology. And the feed pellets have smooth surface and moderate hardness. Also, it improves the nutritional quality of the feed. And this pellet machine facilitates the digestion and absorption of poultry and animals. Small and medium-sized farms can choose the right machine model according to their needs.

Brief introductionof the pellet making machine

The pellet making machine is an equipment that can process grains and forages into pelletized feed.  Our poultry feed machine is easy to operate. Before starting the machine, just mix the raw materials evenly. And then pour it into the machine. Also, we have different machine models, which have different outputs. And the power of our feed pellet machine can be electric motor, diesel engine and gasoline engine. Generally larger models can work with electric motors and diesel engines. Also, our machine can work with chaff cutter and 9FQ. So as to save time in manpower shaving and crushing grain.

The pellet making machine is an equipment that can process grains and forages into pelletized feed.  our poultry feed machine is easy to operate.
Pellet Making Machine

The structure of the poultry feed machine

The poultry feed machine is mainly includes: power, gear box, main shaft, coupling, die plate, pressing roller, feeding hopper, cutter, and discharging hopper.

Working principle of pellet making machine

This pellet making machine’s main components are a flat round steel die and a set of freely rotating grooved rollers. After pouring the raw material into the hopper. The raw material falls into the gap between the rollers from top to bottom. And then is pressed into the die hole by the rotating roller. And finally, the long cylindrical object is extruded from the die hole and cut into particles by the cutter. 

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Pellet Making Machine

Parameter of the pelleting machine

Power7.5kw or 18HP diesel engine
Parameter of the pelleting machine

Advantages of poultry feed machine

1. Easy to operate

The poultry feed machine adopts the feed processing method of dry in and dry out. And there is no need to add liquid additives to it during granulation. Also, the material coming out of the discharge port does not need to be dried. So it is easy to operate and reduce production costs.

2. Durable

The template and roller of the machine are made of high-alloy wear-resistant materials, with reasonable structure and strong wear resistance. At the same time, it adopts the process of extrusion granulation. So it solves the problems that difficult traditional feed processing and granulation. And the raw materials need to be crushed and dried.

3. Advanced technology

The pelleting machine has a bactericidal effect in the granulation process. It can kill the germs and microorganisms mixed in the feed raw materials.