Flat Die Feed Pelletizer Zambia Customer Visit

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Taizy company’s flat die feed pelletizer has always been in hot sale. Last month, we welcomed a special customer from Zambia, who is a poultry farmer and expects to look for an efficient feed granulator to save the cost of purchasing feed.

Poultry feed pellet mill for sale
Poultry Feed Pellet Mill For Sale

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Background of the Customer

The customer is experienced in the poultry breeding industry. He has a large farm and has very high demands on the quality and preparation efficiency of the feed. After learning about our flat die pellet mill, he expressed his strong interest and his desire to visit our company in person.

Pellet Mill Factory Visit

To better meet the customer’s needs, we warmly welcomed him and personally led him to visit our factory. The customer witnessed the efficient production process of the flat die feed pelletizer and spoke highly of the stability of the machine and the finished pellets.

Flat die feed pelletizer
Flat Die Feed Pelletizer

Display of Finished Products

During the visit, we showed the customer the poultry feed pellets processed by the pellet machine with uniform particle size and bright color. The customer confirmed through comparison tests that our pellet mill was able to produce the ideal feed to meet his poultry needs.

Feed pellets production
Feed Pellets Production

Flat Die Feed Pelletizer Material and Quality

The customer asked a series of questions about the material and quality of the machine. We introduced the parts of the flat die pellet mill in detail, with special emphasis on the high-strength alloy materials we chose and our strict quality control process. The customer expressed full confidence in our company’s commitment to machine quality.

Feed granulator for sale
Feed Granulator For Sale

At the end of the inspection, the customer expressed his high satisfaction with our pellet mill, and he decided to purchase three flat die pellet mills on the spot to meet his poultry feeding needs after in-depth communication with his business manager.