25 Sets of Flat Die Pellet Mill Machines Exported to Saudi Arabia

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In a recent transaction, Taizy company’s hot-selling machine, the flat die pellet mill, was successfully shipped again, and this time 25 units were sold to Saudi Arabia.

Flat die pellet mill
Flat Die Pellet Mill

About The Customer

The Saudi customer is the owner of a small pig farm and has been working to improve feed quality and cut costs. In order to better control the feed production, the customer chose to purchase our flat die pellet mill. This poultry feeds pelletizer machine attracted customers with its high efficiency and flexibility, capable of processing various raw materials into uniform and good-tasting pellet feed.

Animal feed pellet mills
Animal Feed Pellet Mills

Demonstration of Flat Die Pellet Mill Processing

This batch of animal feed granulator machines was successfully sent to the pig farm in Saudi Arabia, which will help the customer to realize the production of their own feed easily. The processing video is shown below.

The working principle of the flat die pellet mill is very simple, extruding the raw material to form pellets with consistent specifications. This not only improves the taste of the feed but also is more favorable to the digestion and absorption of the pigs, which improves the breeding efficiency.

Pellet Mill Extruder Parameters

The 25 sets of pellet feed mill machines in this shipment include two models, of which 15 sets were purchased for the smaller model and 10 sets for the larger one. Their parameter information is as follows respectively:

ModelPowerCapacityPackage weightPackage size
SL-1254 kw80kg per hour44+31 kg850*350*520mm
SL-2107.5 kw300kg per hour100+65 kg990*430*770mm
Poultry feed pelletizer
Poultry Feed Pelletizer

This successful transaction not only marks the strong strength of our company’s flat die pellet mill in the farming industry. If you are interested in the feed processing industry or have any questions about the machine, please feel free to contact us.