Pellet mill / feed pellet machine

The Pellet mill machine also called a feed pellet mill, which is a machine that turns raw materials into cylindrical particles by the process of extrusion. The raw material can be the dust of straw, cereal, wood, tobacco, organic fertilizer, and any material with powdery character. Besides, we also provide some models which can process uncrushed corn, straw, or other materials directly. The final product is cylindroid pellets with high-density, the diameter and length of each pellet are both adjustable. Our feed pellet machine has a novel design, reasonable structure, stable performance, simple operation. Especially the pellet machine’s consumable parts like the roller and the millstone, use the high-quality alloy steel refined. So that the service life is three times of the ordinary steel, which has been obtaining the general user’s praise. 

Main features of the feed pelletizer

The feed pellet machine produced by us is to mix of the powdered feed and extrude it into shape once. In the process of pelletization, the users don’t need to heat or add water, and no need to dry it. With the natural temperature up to about 70-80 degrees, it can make starch gelatinize and protein solidify, not easy to mildew, metamorphism. Therefore, the pellet can be stored for a long time, which improves the palatability of livestock and poultry and do benefit to digestion and absorption function. What’s more, pellet mill machines shorten the fattening period of livestock and poultry, effectively guarantee the aquaculture production cost. 

feed pellet mill machine

The technical structure of the pellet mill machine (incomplete)

ModelPower Mould Plate Diameter Capacity Net/Gross  Weight (kg)Dimension (cm)
KL120A7.5Hp gasoline engine 120mm30-40kg/h for wood pellet 60-100 kg/h for feed pellet 80/10076*43*71
KL120A8Hp diesel engine 120mm30-40kg/h for wood pellet 60-100 kg/h for feed pellet 120/14087*44*73
KL120B2.2kw-3kw120mm30-40kg/h for wood pellet 60-100 kg/h for feed pellet 80/10075*32*61
KL120C2.2kw-3kw120mm30-40kg/h for wood pellet 60-100 kg/h for feed pellet 80/10075*35*65
KL120PPTO 120mm30-40kg/h for wood pellet 60-100 kg/h for feed pellet 70/9076*42*71
KL150A7.5Hp gasoline engine 150mm40-50kg/h for wood pellet 90-120 kg/h for feed pellet 95/11576*43*71
KL150A8Hp diesel engine 150mm40-50kg/h for wood pellet 90-120 kg/h for feed pellet 120/14087*46*73
KL150B4kw motor150mm40-50kg/h for wood pellet 90-120 kg/h for feed pellet 95/11575*35*65
KL150C4kw150mm40-50kg/h for wood pellet 90-120 kg/h for feed pellet 95/11575*35*65
KL150PPTO150mm40-50kg/h for wood pellet 90-120 kg/h for feed pellet 90/10076*72*71
KL200A15Hp diesel engine 200mm70-110kg/h for wood pellet 200-300 kg/h for feed pellet 280/310118*56*95
KL200B 7.5kw200mm70-110kg/h for wood pellet 200-300 kg/h for feed pellet 200/230100*43*95
KL200CPTO200mm70-110kg/h for wood pellet 200-300 kg/h for feed pellet 200/230100*46*90
KL200P55Hp diesel engine 200mm70-110kg/h for wood pellet 200-300 kg/h for feed pellet 140/16077*56*102
KL300A 300mm220-280kg/h for wood pellet 600-800 kg/h for feed pellet 520/560220*60*123
KL300B22KW300mm220-280kg/h for wood pellet 600-800 kg/h for feed pellet 410/450127*52*107
KL300C22KW300mm220-280kg/h for wood pellet 600-800 kg/h for feed pellet 410/450128*58*105
KL300PPTO300mm220-280kg/h for wood pellet 600-800 kg/h for feed pellet 260/29077*56*115

Advantages of feed pellet mill

  1. Multifarious raw materials are available to be processed. Most of the feed materials, like corn kernels, straw, stalk, rice, wheat, and bits of wood, are all appropriate material to our machine. It has a high strength of alloy roller to press and squeeze the material out, the customer doesn’t need to purchase any additional crushing or milling machine.
  2. We provide 4 kinds of power. The conventional engine for this small size machine is usually an electric motor. From what we know of some remote areas, there seriously lacks electricity. Therefore, we designed a gasoline engine model, diesel engine model, and even a PTO model of this machine. The buyer can choose the most suitable one according to the fuel consumption situation in your local area
  3. We provide models with different capacities. From 100kg/H to 1000kg/H, no matter you are just for your own home use or for industrial production, you can find your ideal machine.
  4. The buyer doesn’t need to purchase an additional dryer to stove the material. Because the moisture of raw material is not less than 13%. Both inlet material and outlet final product are dry.
  5. The machine can complete low-temperature drying, cooling, and sieving in once, which has great efficiency but a low investment.
  6. The rotate speed of the main spindle is about 60r per minute, and the linear speed of the roller is about 2.5m/s, which can remove the air in the material effectively and increase the product tightness.
  7. The operation of the machine is easy to learn. Put the raw material into the inlet and get the final pellets at the outlet. Pay attention to the feeding speed of the pelletization, when the blocking phenomenon appears, stop the engine, and reduce the speed of feeding.

How to choose the right pellet machine

  1. Check your material. The models are mainly divided into two categories, wood pellet machine, and feed pellet machine.
  2. Check your most convenient driven power. A gasoline engine, diesel engine, electric motor, pr PTO device. We provide those power to satisfy customers’ demands.
  3. Check how many animals you need to feed or how many wood pellets you want to produce. We will do a simple calculation to confirm what capacity is most suitable for you.
  4. Locking and confirming the above 4 points, we will easily find the model which is most suitable for you.

How to use the pellet machine properly

Successful case

In July this year, a customer from Nigeria sent us an inquiry about the 9FQ hammer mill machine. He purchased for local government tender and needed very urgently. After one week of negotiation, we knew his another demand, it was pellet making machine for animal feeding. He needed to purchase 80 sets and mainly considered about the delivery time. From paying to delivery, he requested us to finish the product and load the item into containers in just 2 weeks. We accepted his requirement and produced machines overtime all night. After 9 days we finished the production and the containers arrived on the 10th day. We sent delivery pictures to him which made him very satisfying. He paid the balance payment quickly and we delivered the item to Nigeria.

He received the item in September. Our machine’s details are very much in line with the requirements of the local government, which also makes him very proud of that. He told us he would like to visit our factory next year and wished to have more cooperation with us in near future.


1.What’s the minimum order quantity of this machine?

We usually sell it for wholesale, so 3 sets is MOQ. You can also just buy one set if you have friends in China who can help you deliver the machine to you.

2.What engine could this machine match?

Electric motor, gasoline engine, diesel engine, or PTO.

3.Is the shape of final product changeable?

Yes, we can provide mould to you with different shapes.

4.Are the length and diameter of the final products adjustable?

Yes, they can be changed by adjusting the distance between rollers.

5.What’s the capacity of the machine?

We provide many models with capacity from 100kg/H to 1000kg/H, you can choose one. We suggest you to check how many animals you need to feed, and we will recommend an appropriate model.

6.What payment terms do you provide?

Trade Assurance, T/T, Western Union, Money Gram, L/C, Pay Pal, Cash, etc..

7.What kind of package do you use?

Non fumigation wooden case.

8.How soon can I receive the item after I pay?

We usually deliver the item within 5-7days, the delivery time by sea or by air will depend on the port of destination.

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