Small Pellet Mill For Home Use Delivered To Guatemala

fish feed pellet making machine for sale
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Recently, a small pellet mill for home use was successfully shipped to Guatemala, providing a convenient feed processing solution for a local customer who raises poultry.

Shuliy’s feed pellet making machine has been successfully exported to many countries, including Kenya, Nigeria, UAE, Tanzania, India, Uganda, Cameroon, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Bangladesh, and so on.

Feed pellets machine for sale
Feed Pellets Machine For Sale

Pellet Mill For Home Use Brief Introduction

This pellet mill of ours is suitable for the production of feed for poultry, livestock, pets, and other animals, and can be used to process different kinds of raw materials, such as corn, cereals, beans, etc., into high-quality feed pellets.

Pellet mill for home use
Pellet Mill For Home Use

Customer Background Information

This Guatemalan customer is a poultry farmer who has always purchased commercially available feed. However, in order to save costs and better control the quality of the feed for his poultry, he decided to purchase a feed pellet mill to process raw materials into feed pellets at home.

Floating fish pellet mill machine
Floating Fish Pellet Mill Machine

Taizy Pellet Mill Price And Benefits

Our machine has a competitive price/performance ratio while guaranteeing quality.

This animal feed pellet mill is easy to operate and the user does not need professional skills to operate it. Suitable for a wide range of raw materials and pellet sizes, home-processed feed saves money and is better suited to meet the specific needs of poultry.