Nigerian Customer Purchases Our Machines For The Second Time

fish feed pelleting machine
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Continuous cooperation! Six Fish Feed Pelleting Machines successfully shipped to Nigeria, Loyal customers choose our quality again!

Taizy is proud to announce the successful delivery of six of our high-efficiency fish food pellet mills to Nigeria, a deal that signifies our strong partnership with our loyal customers in Nigeria and their reaffirmation of the quality of our products.

Customer Background and Needs

Nigeria is one of the largest fishing countries in Africa, and fish is one of the country’s main sources of protein. As fishery production increases, the need for efficient floating fish food processing equipment grows as well.

Our client is a prominent Nigerian fishing company that has been supplying high-quality fish products for many years. They first purchased our fish food pelletizer last year and achieved significant production benefits. In view of this, they have rapidly expanded their business and need more fish feed pelleting machines to meet the market demand.

Transaction Negotiation Process

The success of this deal was due to the close collaboration between us and our client. During the negotiation process, we actively listened to our client’s needs and provided six highly efficient fish feed pelleting machines according to their production scale and requirements. We offered competitive fish feed pellet machine prices and flexible delivery arrangements to meet the customer’s requirements.

Fish Feed Pelleting Machine Delivery Loading Site

The delivery process was efficient and organized. Our engineers and technicians carried out detailed inspection and testing of the fish food pellet machine to ensure that the machine was safe and undamaged during transportation. The machine was professionally packed and ready for shipment.

The customer’s representatives came to the site for the final inspection and confirmation of each machine. They were satisfied with our delivery process and the quality of the machines.

Customer Feedback

Our customers are very satisfied with the transaction and the performance of our products. They emphasized the efficiency, stability, and ease of operation of the fish feed pelleting machine, as well as the professionalism and responsibility shown by our team throughout the delivery process.

A spokesperson for the fishing company said, “We are very pleased with our choice of fish food pellet machines from Taizy once again. These machines will help improve our production efficiency and ensure that we are able to provide our customers with high-quality fish products. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Taizy and working together to grow our business.”