Cooling conveyor / cooler / cooling machine

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Cooling conveyor is an essential equipment in most food production lines. Food pellets coming out of the dryer or oven usually have a high temperature. To make the food pellets last longer, we put a cooling conveyor behind the dryer. This machine is mainly consists of conveyor belt and fans. According to the specific features of material and the quantity of material needs to be processed, the conveyor’s length is adjustable. We can customize the length according to customers demands. The part in contact with the food or feed is stainless steel, the rest is carbon steel.

Thanks to the conveyor, the material can be transferred automatically. The fans blow evenly to material. The wind is moderate, and is not too big to blow food or feed pellet away, also can cool the material quickly. Besides, the power consumption is less than 0.75kw, which saves energy a lot.  

Technical parameter

NameCooling conveyor
Voltage 380V/50HZ
Installation power0.75KW
Quantity of fan4pcs
Power of fan0.15kg/pcs
Capacity 100-300Kg/h
Size 5.0×0.4×0.4m

Main features

  1. Cooling conveyor, it uses efficient and fast wind cooling device.
  2. It’s made of stainless steel, to meet the national provisions on food hygiene. 
  3. Electrical overload protection, and leakage protection, to ensure the workers safety during operation. 
  4. The cooling conveyor is suitable for flow operation, which also improves enterprise automation. 
  5. The dry air temperature is room temperature, effectively protects the color and quality of the material itself. 
Cooling machine
Cooling Conveyor / Cooler / Cooling Machine 2


  1. The length of conveyor is adjustable and customizable, which adapts to customers demand.
  2. The quantity of fan is also adjustable. If the conveyor is longer, it’s better to add more fans onto it to adapt to bigger capacity.
  3. Each fan only costs 0.75kw, which saves energy cost a lot.
  4. The parts that contact material directly is stainless steel, which is hard-wearing and corrosion-resistant. Beside, stainless steel makes machine have longer service life.
  5. Strong wind can cool the material quickly and evenly.