Hammer mill / crusher machine / grinder

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Hammer mill is a crusher machine, which crushes the material into powder. In feed pellet production line, it’s a necessary machine at the very beginning of production line. The raw materials usually are grains, beans, corn, etc.. It’s better to have low moisture content for raw materials to be processed by crusher machine. The hammer mill crushes the raw material into powder, which is easily mixed later, and better for extruder to process. By changing different sieves with different mesh holes, the hammer mill can output powder in different size. We have several models as options for you to choose a most suitable machine. Besides, we provide models which can match with different engine power, not only electric motor, but also gasoline engine and diesel engine. Because gasoline and diesel engine driven ones are more convenient for remote area which may lack of electricity.

Technical parameter of models

With cyclone or notNoYesYes
Power2.2kw electric motor3kw electric motor170F gasoline engine6HP diesel engine11kw electric motor15HP diesel engine
Size830*635*968 mm800*650*720mm2000*850*2200mm
Qty of hammer16 pcs18 pcs24pcs

Working principle

The material to be crushed is fed from the top feeding port through the feeding mechanism matched with the machine, and guided from the left or right into the crushing chamber through the guide of the feed guide. Gradually be crushed and discharged from the base outlet through the sieve under the action of centrifugal force and air flow.

Function of crusher machine

  1. Increase the surface area of the material for digestion and absorption.
  2. Make certain materials easy to handle and transport.
  3. Improve the mixing performance of materials.
  4. Improve granulation efficiency and pellet quality. 


1.What’s the distinction among these models?

They are distinguished by their capacities and hammers quantity. The bigger model has more quantity of hammer, which also can grind material into more fine powder.

2.What can be raw materials?

Grains, like corn, rice, sorghum, wheat, also soybean, potato, etc..

3.How to get finer powder?

You can get finer powder by changing the sieves with smaller mesh holes.

4.What’s the difference between gasoline engine and diesel engine?

Although the diesel engine is more expensive than gasoline engine, in most countries, diesel oil is cheaper than petrol. Consider the price of fuel, we recommend you to choose a suitable engine according to the oil prices in your country.

5.Is there any spare parts of hammer mill?

Yes, sieves, hammers, and belts that connect the engine and machine.

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