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Dryer is a machine which dries and dehydrates semi-finished products. It reduces moisture in stuff, for example, the extruded snack will get more crisp after being dried. Common types are mesh belt dryer, drum dryer, box dryer, and tower dryer, etc. Mesh belt dryer is the most commonly used dehydrating device for extruded food products. It’s an important machine for both fish feed pellet and pet food production line. The belt drying device is adopted, and a certain number of heating devices are installed in the dryer. Mesh belt dryer mainly presses the finished pellet directly to the plate conveyor through conveyor. The scraper at the upper end of the plate conveyor evenly distributes the finished pellets on the dryer. This can improve the permeability of the pellet, to reach good drying effect.

Drying machine
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Drying time is generally 20-30 minutes. High temperature drying furnace is made of heat resistant steel chain conveyor and high temperature resistant tunnel kiln composition. The conveyor belt high temperature resistant metal mesh belt. The pellets are dried on the mesh belt for 25-30 minutes and then output by the cooling mesh belt.

Structure details

Dryer structure
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It mainly consists of exhasust fan, hot air circulation fan, vapor heat exchanger, admission pipes, return pipes, inlet and outlet.

Main features of mesh belt dryer

  1. Not only for fish and pet food, it can process almost any common food in our life. Fruit, vegetable and medicinal materials like pepper, chili, chrysanthemum, snacks, rehmannia, mushroom, etc. Even mosquito-repellent incense , are all able to process.
  2. Different materials need to use different pallets, the prices of pallets are different. 
  3. Drying time depends on the material. Also adjustable by adding or reducing the quantity of layer of pallets.
  4. Electric, natural gas, coal and diesel oil are available fuel energy of this machine. The heating methods are different from each other, but the operation and process of machine is same.
  5. The mesh belt runs automatically inside the machine. If the material is not completely dry, the running speed of the mesh belt can be adjusted.
  6. The lowest temperature of machine’s outlet is 10℃-20℃, the highest temperature inside of the machine is 100℃-120℃.
  7. When the machine is running, most of the air inside the machine is recycled, which saves a lot of energy.

Technical parameter of dryer to 150kg/H pellet food production line

Installed Power45KW
Power Consumption30KW
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1.What power can be used to drive the machine?

Electricity, gas, diesel, coal.

2.How many layers of mesh belt inside of this machine?

3 layers, 5 meters.

3.How much output can this machine produce per hour?

100-150/H, which capacity is matched with the 150kg/H production line. We also have other models with different capacities to your reference.

4.How long does it take to dry once?

It depends on the raw material and the needed output capacity.

5.What’s the material of this machine?

The belt is made of SUS304 stainless steel.

6.How soon can I receive the machine after I buy?

We usually deliver the machine in 3-5days, the delivery time by sea will depend on the shipping port of you.