Oil spraying machine

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Oil spraying machine is the machine sprays oil like animal grease onto half-finished feed pellet after dryer. This step will increase the inductivity and palatability of pellets. Or more simply, the layer of oil on the pellets can make fish or pets eat happier and fatter. The half-finished pellets come out from dryer with high temperature on surface. Then the oil spraying machine sprayed oil onto feed pellets, which can be easily absorbed because of such temperature. Meanwhile, the feed pellets are rolling over and over again driven by the rotation of drum. Thanks to uniform rolling, it can ensure that each feed pellet and every contact surface of each pellet is evenly coated with oil. Every part that contacts the feed pellets or food adopts stainless steel. In addition, the whole equipment’s consumption power is very low, which saves energy cost a lot.  

Technical parameter

Main machine power0.75kw
Oil pump power0.37kw
Capacity 300-400kg/H
Size 2450*650*1450mm
Weight 190kg
Oil sprayer
Oil Spraying Machine

Advantages of our oil spraying machine

  1. The oil spraying machine can be used with the production line, it’s also convenient to use as a single machine. It truly realizes the full automatic production, which saves time and labor to improve the output capacity. 
  2. The oil spraying machine adopts pure stainless steel, which is durable, has long service life, and not easy to get rust. 
  3. The length and diameter of the cylinder can be customized according to the demands of specific situation of production line.
  4. The oil spraying machine has a tilting cylinder, it can fully automatic control speed and material capacity. Thus it’s suitable for continuous oil spraying operation on the assembly line.
  5. No matter the power of main machine or oil pump, the consumption is little, which saves a lot of energy cost.
  6. You can add a seasoning box on cylinder, so this oil spraying machine can splash seasonings on material too.

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