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Packaging machine, also called packing machine, packages powder, pellet and small troche into bags. In pet food production line and fish feed pellet production line, packaging machine packages the final output pellet into bags which can be sold directly. Customer can choose to buy this machine or not. Our packaging machine is a highly automatic equipment. User can operate it easily through advanced electrical control panel and save a lot of labor. What’s more, packaging machine can pack bags according to the prearranged weight per bag intelligently. In pet food production line, we adopt vertical packing machine, because this kind of packing machine is professional to pack particle and pellets.

Working principle of packaging machine 

In the process of packaging, the vertical packaging machine firstly carries out feeding through the material stretching feeding device. The plastic film forms a tubular shape through the film cylinder. Then the thermal longitudinal sealing device of the packaging machine seals the side and injects the materials to be packed into the bag. Finally, the horizontal sealing mechanism shear packaging’s length and location according to the color code photoelectric detection device. This completes the packaging. 

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Packaging Machine / Food Packing Machine / Vertical Packing Machine For Sale 2

Packaging machine VS Manual packaging

  1. Improve production efficiency. Fully automated packaging machine, more than 10 times higher than manual packaging efficiency. 
  2. Improve the quality of production. In order to ensure the beauty and convenience of transportation, packaging products often require the unity of size and specifications, but manual packaging will inevitably produce errors. And the use of vertical packaging machine for packaging, full mechanical operation, can easily achieve standardized production. 
  3. Reduce production difficulty. In the traditional packaging industry, some packaging operations are very difficult or even impossible to do, such as vacuum packaging. The use of vertical packaging machine mechanical packaging can solve this problem.
  4. Reduce labor. The current stage of the vertical packaging machine is basically mechanical operation, most can achieve full automatic operation. Not only for workers labor intensity is greatly reduced, for enterprises packing machine can also save a lot of labor costs.