Horizontal mixer / mixer / mixer machine

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Horizontal mixer is one of the important step of pet food production line, it mixes the material after crushing. Pet food and fish feed production lines need a blender to mix the crushed material evenly. Customers can also add micronutrients, nutritional powders and the like and mix them together in the ingredients. The mixer is stainless steel, which has high safety of processing food to pets. Besides, we provide different models with diverse capacities to meet customers varieties of demands. It mainly uses electric motor as engine power. Consider of some remote area may lack of electricity, we also designed diesel engine and gasoline engine driven one to meet customer’s need.

Technical parameter

NameHorizontal mixer
Wall thickness5mm
Reducer power11KW/380V-50Hz
Rotate speed18r/min
Discharging wayCylinder open form
Machine size2100*1400*2000mm
Bucket size1700*1200*1400mm
MaterialParts in contact with materials are made of stainless steel, the rest parts are carbon steel.

Main features and advantages

  1. The overall structure is reasonable, the appearance is beautiful, the operation, installation and maintenance is convenient.
  2. The machine adopts new rotor structure. The minimum clearance between the rotor and the cylinder can be adjusted to near zero, effectively reducing the amount of residual materials.
  3. There is no dead corner of aggregate, and it is easy to clean, with no pollution.
  4. The cycloidal needle reducer has long service life, with low noise.
  5. The top of the machine is equipped with a visual window, making it easy to observe the mixing situation in time.
  6. The outlet adopts large diameter pneumatic valve to ensure the convenience of discharging.


1.What kind of mixer do you provide?

We mainly provide horizontal mixer.

2.What’s the engine power of this machine?

Electric motor, gasoline engine and diesel engine.

3.What material can be processed?

Powder of grains, corns, meat fish meal, also chemical materials, etc..

4.How to choose a most suitable model for my plant?

Don’t worry, our engineer will recommend an ideal model based on your budget, area of your factory and the capacity you need per hour.

5.What’s the material of the mixer?

The parts that contacts raw material adopt stainless steel, other parts use carbon steel.

6.What kind of payment terms do you provide?

Trade Assurance, T/T, Western Union, Money Gram, L/C, Pay Pal, Cash, etc..

7.How long is the warranty time?

1 year warranty time, life-long maintenance.

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