Ten Advantages of Two-Screw Fish Food Extruder

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Spiral fish feed extruder includes a single screw extruder, double screw extruder, three screw extruders, and four screw extruders. In terms of function, the two-screw fish food extruder is better than a single screw extruder.

Three-section and four-section screw extruders have better puffing effects. Our single-section spiral fish feed extruder was gradually eliminated from the market. And now the two-section spiral fish feed extruder is the cheapest floating fish feed pellet machine.

In all respects, the two-section screw fish food extruder is also the most popular with customers. At present, we have sold the two screw fish feed pellet machines to countries around the world, such as Malaysia, Nigeria, Mali, Niger, Cameroon, Peru, etc.

The Advantages of Fish Food Extruder

  • 1. The raw materials are more adaptable, such as processing rice, corn, soybeans, and wheat in daily life. And its main working principle is that mechanical energy is converted into heat energy. Squeezing and cooking the food uses the heat generated when the machine rotates. The most obvious feature of puffed food is its larger volume.
  • 2. There are fewer restrictions on the particle size of raw materials, which can adapt to powders of different particle sizes. Raw materials from micro powder to coarse powder particles.
  • 3. The material flow is more uniform in the screw sleeve, and it can achieve the actual demand effect without adding steam, water, and other aids.
  • 4. The internal and external quality of the machine is better. It can achieve a very good homogenous state. And make the molecular structure of the material evenly arranged. So the surface is smooth during the extrusion process, and the product particles are highly uniform.
  • 5. The effect of maturation and homogenization is better. Usually, the starch maturation degree can reach more than 95%. So that the processed aquatic feed can remain stable in the water, and the nutrients of the fish food will not be lost and easy to digest and absorb.
  • 6. The output is higher under the same power. The good mixing performance makes the heat obtained by the material homogenize in time, accelerates the maturation of the material, reduces the fluctuation of the material temperature, and increases the output of extruded products.
  • 7. The product diversity and adaptability are wider, and it can process fine aquatic feed, different fish food formulas, highly cohesive products, and products with multiple colors and multiple shapes.
  • 8. The process operation is more convenient, the spindle speed can be adjusted according to the needs of the processed products, and the cleaning is very convenient. The machine must be cleaned in time after each process.
  • 9. Less wear on wearing parts. In fact, due to stable material transportation and the characteristics of the material during the two-screw extrusion process, the material has less wear on the screw and the inner sleeve of the barrel.
  • 10. It can produce floating fish feed and sinking fish feed.

The Failure Analysis and Maintenance of the Double Spiral feed Pellet Machine

A two-screw fish feed pellet machine is a kind of extruder, and it is mainly used for food extruders, livestock, and poultry feed. Or for extruded single raw material. This series of dry and wet extruders is suitable for large, medium, and small feeding farms, feed factories, and food factories. If the machine fails, how should we deal with it? Let me explain to you the troubleshooting of the two-screw fish feed extruder.

1. There are strange noises in the machine, the bearings are rotten, worn, and lack oil.

Repair method: replace the bearing, replace the oil seal, add lubricating oil, do not add engine oil.

2. The output decreases without puffing.

Solution: Replace with new screw sleeve

3. When the discharge hole is too large, replace the mold. You can buy more sets of molds

Due to the process arrangement and operation technology of the fish extruder, the output does not meet the expected design requirements. The surface of the particles is not smooth, uneven, and it is easy to over-expand, spraying, etc.

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