Types of Fish Feed Machine | Fish Pellet Mill for Your Choice

fish feed machine
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The fish feed pellets produced by the pellet mill machine are neat and smooth in shape. These fish feed can float on the water surface for more than 12 hours without sinking. It does not pollute the water source and reduce fish diseases. Also, it can reduce the cost of farmers and bring huge economic benefits to small and medium-sized feed factories.

Breeding fish generally adopts mixed feed. That is a mixture of dry powders of various ingredients and water in proportion. Then kneaded into a dough by hand or made into strips with a meat grinder. Because the fish feed processed by this method has a solid structure. So it does not float on the water surface but quickly sinks to the bottom after being sprayed on the water surface. It is inconvenient to eat, and it is difficult for people to grasp the food intake of the fish. So it results in a waste of feed and leading the higher breeding costs.

First One: Fish Feed Extruder

In practice, it is found that the use of a fish feed extruder is a good way to solve feed sinking. With the development of technology, extruders are suitable for food, feed, and other industries that have been put on the market one after another. The main principle is that the power mechanism drives the working screw to rotate in the barrel. And the material entering the barrel is sequentially passed through the processes of transmission, compression, heating, and gel softening. Under the state of high temperature and high pressure, the material is ejected from the discharge hole. Then fish feed expanded product is formed after a sudden temperature shock.

The fish pellets produced by the extruder are cooked. The fish pellets need to be dried for long-term storage. If you are a large-volume production, we recommend that you use a mesh belt dryer or a vertical dryer. If you are small-volume production, you can choose to sun-dried.

Fish feed extruder machine
Fish Feed Extruder Machine

Second: Fish Feed Pellet Mill

The pellet machine is a kind of feed pelletizing equipment, which can be used for various powdered feed, grass meal, etc, without adding liquid or adding a small amount of liquid. According to the purpose, it can be divided into small household pellet feed machine, poultry feed pellet machine, small poultry pellet feed machine, fish feed pellet machine, rabbit feed pellet machine, pig feed pellet machine, straw feed pellet machine, etc. How can fish farms reduce feed costs while meeting the nutritional needs of various livestock and poultry? Of course, use a feed pellet mill machine.

The feed pellet machine has a simple structure, wide adaptability, small area, and low noise. The fish feed pellet machine is based on the principle of circular motion. The template and pressure roller are specially treated with high-quality alloy steel. The main shaft and the flat mold drive the pressure roller to rotate under the action of friction. The material can gelatinize at high temperatures between the pressure roller and the template. The protein is coagulated and deformed and then discharged from the die hole under the pressure of the pressure roller. The produced pellets are sent out of the machine through the spinning plate. And you can adjust the length of the particles through the incision.

Fish feed pellet mill machine
Fish Feed Pellet Mill Machine

You can season these fish feed produced by the above two machines. It can increase fish intake. The wearing parts are cutters and molds. You can provide drawings for the mold, and we will customize it for you.