Why Do Fish Farming Need to Feed Extruded Floating Fish Feed

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Features of Extruded Floating Fish Feed

Convenient Feeding and Management

The extruded fish feed produced by the fish food extruder can be float on the water surface for a long time. And there is no need to set up a special feeding table when feeding, only fixed-time feeding. Fish need to float on the water surface when ingesting. So, you can directly observe the eating situation of fish. You can adjust the feeding amount in time and can understand the growth and health of the fish. Therefore, the use of puffed feed is helpful for scientific feeding management, which saves a lot of time and improves labor productivity.

Breeders can calculate the amount to be fed according to the species, specifications, quantity, water temperature, and feeding rate of the fish, and feed them quickly. It saves a lot of time and improves labor productivity.

Reduce the Occurrence of Diseases

There are often harmful microorganisms in feed ingredients, such as neutral bacteria, E. coli, molds, salmonella, etc. Especially those containing fish meal, meat meal, meat and bone meal, bone meal, blood meal, oil residue powder, and animal fat.

The data shows that the number of E. coli per gram of feed raw material reaches 10,000. And there are only less than 10 remaining after extruded. Salmonella can basically be killed after being expanded at a high temperature above 85 ℃, which helps maintain water quality and reduce aquaculture unfavorable environmental factors.

Comparison of the Utilization Rate of Extruded Floating Feed and Pellet Feed

Extruded Floating Fish Feed Is Beneficial to Improve the Utilization Rate of Feed

Due to the high temperature and high-pressure processing conditions, the starch and fat in the feed are more conducive to digestion and absorption. This process can destroy and softens the fiber structure and cell wall. Also, It can destroy the gossypol in cottonseed meal and the antitrypsin in soybeans and other harmful substances. Thereby improving the palatability and digestibility of feed.

In addition, the physical and chemical have a change in the extruded process. So the powder produced by extruded feed is generally within 1%, which directly improves the utilization rate of feed. Under normal circumstances, using the extruded floating feed to raise fish can save 5-10% of feed compared with powdered feed or other pellet feeds.

The Effect of Extruded Floating Fish Feed on Water Quality

The use of floating fish feed can reduce water pollution. The puffed floating feed will not dissolve in water for a long time. And the floating time of high-quality floating fish food can be as long as 12 hours, at least 6 hours of floating time. The floating fish feed is easy to observe and control the bait. Also, it can reduce or avoid the pollution of the water by powder, residual bait, etc. It is important for environmental protection and is extremely beneficial to the growth of fish.

The Prospect of Floating Fish Feed 

The Floating Fish Food Has a Wide Range of Application Prospects.

In terms of breeding methods, extruded floating fish feeds have a wide range of applicability. Floating fish feeds can be used for pond fish farming, paddy field fish farming, flowing water fish farming, fish farming in cages, factory fish farming, and large water-intensive farming. Especially for fish farming in mountain ponds, rice field fish farming, and large water surface intensive farming where the farming density is low, the use of floating fish feed is more advantageous than other feeds.

In terms of breeding species, both freshwater and marine fish, except for a few bottom-dwelling fish that are extremely difficult to be domesticated to eat on the surface. Fish can eat floating fish feed well, such as perch, snakehead, ornamental fish, and frog. , Soft-shelled turtles, tortoises, catfish, and other famous and special varieties. As well as conventionally farmed grass carp, carp, crucian carp, and other varieties. For species such as American frogs and sea bass with special physiological functions, it is more convenient to breed with floating fish feed, and it can show its superiority.

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