Solve Your Five Questions about the Fish Food Pellet Machine

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This article will share five answers to your questions about fish feed making machine from the formula of fish food feed, why is it pelletized, what types of fish food can be produced, and what is the price of the fish pellet machine.

What Are the Formulas of Fish Feed?

Here are six kinds of ingredients, you can choose according to your actual situation.

Animal Blood Feed: Animal blood is a high-protein feed with rich nutrition. The processing method is to mix animal blood and bran, rice bran or cake powder in a ratio of 1:2:1, and then feed it after drying.

Fungus Bran Feed: The leftovers from the cultivation of edible fungi are dried and crushed, and then directly used to feed fish or added to compound feed. Its nutritional value is equivalent to wheat bran.

Leaf feed: pine needles, locust leaves, etc. are all good raw materials for feed. After drying, they are mixed into the compound feed to feed fish, which can supplement protein and multiple vitamins.

Chicken Manure Feed: dry chicken manure contains crude protein and has high nutritional value. The processing method is to mix chicken manure and wheat bran and spread it in a wind-dried place. After natural drying, mix it with the concentrate at a ratio of 30% to feed the fish.

Sprouting feed: Malt, corn sprouts, bean sprouts, etc. as fish feed are not only nutritious, fast weight gain of fish, but also disease prevention and healing effects.

Crop Sprouting As feed: Malt, corn sprouts, bean sprouts, etc. can make fish feed. This fish feed does not only has rich nutritious, and fast weight gain of fish, but also disease prevention and healing effects.

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Are all Applicable to fish feed making Machine?

The specific formula is not fixed. But no matter what is your formula, the fish feed making machine can process it. You can adjust the fish feed formula according to the characteristics of your farmed fish.

Why Is It Produced Into Pellets?

The first is storage: the pellets are easy to store, and the storage time is very long.

Secondly, in terms of nutrition: because mixing various materials uniformly together during pressing, fish feed pellets are also very nutritious. It is also easy to digest and absorb by livestock and animals easily.

In terms of cost: saving feed costs, improving the palatability of poultry, and making it easier to eat. It can reduce waste, and it is convenient to control the feeding amount.


What Types of Fish Food Pellets Can Be Produced?

The shape is not fixed, you can change the mold to produce all kinds of fish food. In addition, it can produce floating fish pellets and sinking fish pellets

What Is the Price of the Fish Pellet Machine?

The specific price of the fish pellet feed machine depends on what model and output you select. Because the scale of each farm is different, the user’s raw materials are different, and the daily demand for feed is different. So many factors determine which model of machine users choose. The manufacturer can recommend a specific model, and then give you an accurate quotation. Do you want to get a quote? Please contact us, and we will recommend the machine model for you according to your needs.