Delivery of feed pellet machines for Peruvian customers

fish feed pellet machine
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After receiving the order for a fish pellet machine from a Peruvian customer, we worked overtime to produce the fish feed pellet machines.

Before this, the customer paid a part of the deposit. Then we started to produce fish feed pellet machines. And communicate with the customer about the production progress at any time.

In fact, after producing the machine, we carried out the test machine work. After completing the test machine work, then we arrange the relevant delivery work. Below is the trial video of the feed pellet machines.

How to ship?

All fish pellet machines and animal feed pellet machines are shipped in containers. Because it can minimize damage during transportation. Besides, it also speeds up transportation.

Why do our feed pellet machines sell well in many countries?

Because we tested all of our machines. And we will arrange delivery only after ensuring there are no problems. This is why our machines are sold to Ghana, Nigeria, the Philippines, Kenya, South Africa, Congo, Namibia, Zimbabwe, and many other countries. And they are well received in these countries. The following video is of a diesel-engine fish pellet machine. It is customized by a Ghanaian customer. Similarly, we tested the machine before sending the machine to him.

Different models of fish feed pellet machines

Because our fish pellet machines have motor and diesel models. Therefore, we will recommend the most suitable machine for you. Which is according to your local power situation. If you want to know more details, please contact with us.

Why do customers choose us?

Customers choose us, because of their double trust in the reputation of our manufacturers and the quality of the machines. And we will focus more on the quality of machines. And produce each machine seriously and responsibly. Thus, our customers can use high-quality and durable machines. At the same time, we will do a good job after-sales service. So you do not have to worry about buying a machine.

About Taizy Machinery

Over the years, Taizy Machinery has insisted on technological innovation. Research and develop new products in line with new market needs. For a long time, our machinery has won praise from all kinds of users. It is because of its perfect functions and reliable quality.