Floating fish pellet machine sold to Ghana

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An American customer bought our floating fish pellet machine and sent it to Ghana because he has a fish farming business in Ghana.

What are the functions of our fish pellet machine?

Our feed pellet machine can not only produce floating fish feed, but it also makes sinking fish feed, shrimp feed, catfish feed, other aquatic feed. The size of the feed pellets is from 1mm-12mm. In addition, you can also produce different shapes of fish pellets.

What does a fish pellet machine include?

One of our floating fish pellet machines you buy includes a 25-horsepower diesel engine, 20 cutters, 6 molds, and a protective cover for the diesel engine. In addition, the machine material is made of No. 45 carbon steel, which is anti-rust and anti-corrosion. In addition to diesel engine power, customers can also switch to electric motors as power.

About the Ghanaian customers

This Canadian client is in a fish farming business. He bought a tarp fish pond, and he has about 20,000 fish. He wants to produce floating fish food, and the required output is 150-200kg/h. According to his requested output, we recommended him a DPG-70B floating fish food pellet machine. The feed can not only feed to the fish but also can sell to other fishermen. This customer wants to ship the machine to the port of Tema in Ghana.

Tarpaulin fish pond
Floating Fish Pellet Machine Sold To Ghana 8

Test the floating fish pellet machine

We manufactured a floating fish food pellet machine with a diesel engine for the customer according to his needs. After the manufacturing was completed, we tested the machine. Of course, the process of testing the machine also showed the customer how the machine operation and the whole process of making feed.

Arrange to ship

After the video is sent to the customer, we arrange the delivery after the customer confirms that it is correct. Since it is difficult for customers to pick up the goods, we take double-clear transportation for customers. if you didn’t import from China before and can’t do the import customs clearance yourself, we can help you find an agent to help you do that. you just need to pick up the machine in your country at the agent’s warehouse
When shipping, we will disassemble the floating fish pellet machine as shown in the picture below, but unload the silo mixing, which is also very convenient for customers to install by themselves. The wooden box is safely packed to avoid any collision of the machine during transportation.

How to invest in a fish food pellet machine to make money

Raise fish first, then make fish feed by yourself. So that you can reduce your farming costs, and then your fish can make a lot of money. In addition, you can also package and sell the produced feed to other fish farmers. As mentioned above, you can produce all kinds of aquatic feed through this machine. This is also a way to broaden your business.