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Pellet fish food machine is a feed processing machine that directly prosses the crushing of corn, soybean meal, straw, grass, rice husk or fish meal, bone meal. It can produce both sinking feed pellet and floating feed pellet, by changing a simple part of the machine, for both underwater aquaculture fish, shrimp and ornamental fish. Raw materials after high temperature and high pressure processing is cooked feed. From 40kg per hour to 2 tons per hour, our machines have many models with different capacities to meet varieties of customers demands. It’s widely applicable to large, medium and small aquaculture, individual farmers and small and medium-sized aquaculture use. Furthermore, we provide two kinds of engine, electric motor and diesel engine, which is a great option for some remote area lacking of electricity. In recent year, it’s widely welcomed by customers from America, Congo, Nigeria, Togo, Myanmar, Vietnam, Brazil, etc..

Technical parameter of fish feed pellet machine

ModelCapacity (t/H)Main Engine Power (kw)Feeding Power (kw)Screw Diameter (mm)Cutting Power (kw)
DGP400.04-0.055.5-7.5kw12HP diesel engine0.4Φ400.4

Main structure and working principle of fish feed pellet machine

This machine is mainly composed of feeder (bucket), extrusion unit, power and drive system, frame, electronic control system, etc..

  1. Feeder. The feeder is a speed adjusting screw, which is composed of hopper, conveying screw, discharging pipe, shell and decelerating motor.
  2. Extrusion unit. Extrusion unit is the core part of the feed pellet machine, according to different raw materials, different ways of discharging to choose suitable model and group.
  3. Electric control system. According to the power size of the host and feeding form, the configuration is also different. This machine has independent control box which is fixed to the machine. Each motor of this system can start and stop independently.
  4. Working principle. Material from the feed box from the extrusion screw (group) to the compression chamber, through the first stage of steam plug, get the initial extrusion, heating. After that, it is continuously heated by different degrees of extrusion until the material is discharged.

Main features of floating fish food

  1. The machine can adapt to different production requirements. Medium and large feed mills can use this machine for raw material processing or special feed production. For example, detoxification of expanded whole fat soybean, expanded corn, cotton meal (or vegetable meal) or pet feed, fish feed or other special feed. Small feed mills or large and medium-sized farms can also use the puffing machine as the main equipment to produce full-price puffing feed. 
  2. The machine can adapt to different materials and different production conditions. Our machine is equipped with speed governing feeder, the output can vary according to the situation and customers demands. 
  3. The extruding screw is a combination structure of sleeve type, and the screw sleeve is a steel bar type structure with inner cylinder. According to different swelling requirements, the extruding screw group can be flexibly composed, and then matched with different materials, which can adapt to different processing conditions. 
  4. The structure of the machine is simple and practical. The machine is compact in shape, simple in structure, and is easy for user to operate and maintain. 
  5. Multiple power engines are adaptable. We have a deep understanding of the power shortage in some African regions and some remote areas. So our machines can be used not only with electric motors, but also with diesel engines.
  6. The machine can output both floating feed and sinking feed. It can easily adjusted by changing a spare part.

We also provide a simple production line

Since 2018, we have found that many customers at home and abroad need a simple production line. This production line includes crusher, mixer, screw conveyor and fish feed pellet machine. Hammer mill machine is a good choice for crusher, it crushes raw materials into powder or tiny particle. Stainless steel mixer mixes the various powders of the ingredients well. The screw conveyor lifts and transfers the material into feed pellet machine automatically. Then the pelletizer products the final production.

The whole line is simple and cheap, but can save human labor to a great extent, which meets many customers requirement. We will recommend a most suitable model of each machine to you according to the plant area and your budget.

Successful case

In summer of this year, a customer from Burma sent us inquiry about fish feed pellet machine. He had some cooperated with Burma local government purchasing section, and needed to order 50 sets of fish feed pellet machine. We sent him detailed technical parameters of each model to figure out which suits local situation requirement best. After consideration and negotiation for about 3 weeks, the customer got the approval and allocation from local government. He placed the order for 50 sets of fish floating pellet machine and asked us to printed 50 pcs of paper manual book. We accepted his requirement and delivered the item in August. After receiving our machines in September, he told us the local government was vary satisfied about our machines, and would like to order more in the next year.


1.What kind of engine does this machine use?

Electric motor, diesel engine are both suitable.

2.What’s the material of this machine?

Most of it is made of carbon steel, the screw is stainless steel.

3.What’s the capacity of this machine?

From 40kg per hour to 2 tons per hour, we have many different models. Please check the parameter form in the article.

4.Can I change the shape of final pellet?

Yes of course, we will provide 6 different molds for free if you buy our machine. Also, we accept customization, you can send us the shape you want and we will produce the molds.

5.What’s the spare parts?

Screw, screw sleeve, and mold.

6.What kind of payment terms do you provide?

Trade Assurance, T/T, Western Union, Money Gram, L/C, Pay Pal, Cash, etc..

7.How long is the warranty time?

1 year warranty time, life-long maintenance.

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