Octagonal seasoning machine

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Octagonal seasoning machine is a seasoning and material mixing machine. It adds seasonings and some oil into the material to increase the flavor of food. It has a octagonal sphere mixing bin, rotates and rolls while it’s working. The raw material like snacks, pet food, feed pellet feed into the mixing bin, then the seasoning machine mixes them with seasonings together. Because of the octagonal shape, it can flavors pellet evenly. The material of machine is SUS304 stainless steel, which has high security of food machinery level. Our machine also uses automatic oil injection and automatic feeding equipment, to achieve a high degree of automation. Compared with drum seasoning machine, octagonal seasoning machine takes less space.  

Structure of seasoning machine

The equipment consists of support shelf, drum, drum-driven system, dusting system, dusting-driven system, distribution board and other main parts.

Octagonal seasoning machine 1
Octagonal Seasoning Machine 5

Operation steps of the mixer

  • connect the equipment to the power supply. The equipment adopts 220v power input, output drum motor is 380v, and duster motor is 220v.
  • start the drum motor, and the drum will start slowly to the normal speed.Start the duster motor and the duster starts working.
  • the raw materials shall be continuously fed into the flavoring machine through a conveyor or manually slowly from the feeding port.
  • open the powder motor to make the seasoning evenly sprayed in the roller.
  • check the operating parts and confirm the normal operation before work.
  • if the speed is too high, you can rotate the inverter knob to the left, and the speed can be variable and slow. The minimum speed shall not be lower than 70% of the speed.
  • if the material moves forward too fast in the drum, the inclination of the drum can be reduced; if it moves too slowly, the inclination of the drum can be increased.

Working principle of star anise mixer

Seasoning machine
Octagonal Seasoning Machine 6

The materials fall into the roller, then the stirring leaf drives materials upward. They fall down from above, and mix with the seasoning powder. During the working process, there is always seasoning in the powder duster, and it should be added in time when the seasoning is found to be insufficient. Octagonal flavoring machine ball design for octagonal shape, to avoid the ball flavoring machine raw materials do not roll the shortcomings, fully stir the raw materials. And the flavoring machine barrel doesn’t have dead corners, it’s more convenient to clean the machine, and easy to use. The seasoning bin is made of stainless steel.