What is a food extruder machine?

Puffed food is a kind of deep processed food. Modern puffed foods are cereals, potatoes, nut seeds, etc. as the main raw materials, which are produced by physical processing processes such as extrusion, frying, baking, etc., with a certain degree of looseness or crunchiness. The puffed food technology has been introduced from abroad to the country for decades. At present, China’s puffed food production technology is very mature and advanced. Not only are all stainless steel equipment used in production equipment, but also automated assembly line operations have been implemented, effectively reducing many human factors Possibility of contaminating the product.

Puffed food
What Is A Food Extruder Machine? 8

But you know what? Cat food, dog food, etc. that our pets eat are also puffed foods. Why do I say that? Because their manufacturing process is basically the same, but the raw materials are different. So do you know how does puffed food produce? What is a food extruder machine? Let’s read on together to find the answer.

What is a food extruder machine?

Twin screw
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A food extruder machine is a common food production equipment. The extruder usually includes six parts: transmission device, feeding device, barrel, screw, head and die. When working, it mainly uses extrusion to expand food through the combined effects of moisture, thermal energy, mechanical shear and pressure. It is a high-temperature, high-pressure short-term processing process.

Twin screw extruder structure
What Is A Food Extruder Machine? 10

When the raw material containing a certain amount of moisture is sent into the sleeve through the conveyor, it is transported forward as the screw rotates. When the material is gradually affected by the resistance of the machine head, it is compressed. The high temperature and high pressure generated by the rolling effect and absorption of the external heating of the barrel, and the strong stirring, mixing and shearing of the material between the screw and the sleeve. The material is melted in the extrusion cavity.

When the molten material enters the high-temperature and high-pressure area before the forming die, it is completely fluid. But finally, it was extruded with the die hole to reach the normal temperature and pressure state, and the volume of the sol and starch in the material instantly expanded. In this way, many micropores burst out inside the food, and the volume expanded rapidly, thereby forming a loose texture puffed food.

Features of food extruder machine

  1. Almost no loss of nutrition in food ingredients.
  2. Large production capacity.
  3. Low equipment cost, high degree of automation, saving manpower and financial resources.
  4. The shape of the produced product can be changed by changing the extrusion die hole.
  5. The working process of the machine is safe and hygienic, the nutrition loss of raw materials is small, and the digestion and absorption rate is high. Very suitable for the production of pet food. 

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