The New Straw Pellet Machine Makes Raising Cattle, Sheep and Pigs Easier, More Efficient and Happier

Pellet Machine Makes Raising Cattle, Sheep and Pigs Easier

Every year during the corn harvester season, how to deal with corn stalks will become troubles for farmers. Burning corn stalks is too wasteful also seriously pollutes the environment. In fact, there is a better way to deal with corn stalks. It’s a pellet mill.

The new straw pellet making machine is environmental protection equipment specifically designed for the recycling of corn straw. Not only successfully solved the problem of the use of abandoned corn straw, but at the same time also let waste corn straw into treasure, so that farmers’ wallet bulging up. pellet press makes the work of farmers easier, more efficient, and happier!

waste straw becomes treasure

The Advantages of the New Pellet Mill for Sale

  1. In addition to corn stalks, many crops can also be processed such as sorghum stalks, wheat stalks, cotton stalks, etc, which can be applied to a variety of materials
  2. The pellet maker equipment is high in efficiency, output with small energy consumption, smooth performance, and economic durability.
  3. The failure rate of the new pellet machine is low and can run non-stop for 24 hours.
  4. Easy to operate, just need 1-3 people. Fully automated, and high productivity.
  5. The pellet mill machine, machine equipment uses high-quality material, which is up to 5 years longer than similar products.

With the rise of the new feed pellet machine, it is now a large and medium-sized farm necessary equipment. The feed produced by the new straw pellet machine has many advantages, which can improve the palatability of livestock, avoid picky eating, and reduce the occurrence of diseases. Owning a new type of straw pellet machine is the ideal enrichment equipment for every farmer.

new straw pellet machine

Where Is the Feed Pellet Machine for sale

Taizy Machinery Company is a professional enterprise dedicated to research and development of agricultural machinery. We have developed fish feed machines, feed pellet machines, pet food production lines, etc. If necessary, please leave a message for consultation.

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Straw recycling can be used in many fields such as agricultural planting and breeding, biomass power generation, etc. The New Straw Pellet Machine is beneficial for farmer.
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