Fish feed pelletizer machine shipped to Belgium

fish feed pelletizer machine
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Our fish feed pelletizer machine is the special equipment for making floating fish food pellets. The raw materials that make up the fish food pellets are extruded at high temperatures and internally cured. Therefore, it is beneficial to the digestion and absorption of fish. In addition, the floating fish food pellets are beneficial for farmers to observe the eating situation of fish. This is more helpful for breeders to observe the growth status of fish.

Why do customers buy fish feed pelletizer machines?

The customer actually bought the fish feed pelletizer machine for his friend. He himself is in Belgium, his friend is in Guinea. His friend has a small fish pond in Guinea. He wants to make his own fish pellets. So he needs to send the fish food pellet machine to Guinea.

Floating fish feed making machine
Floating Fish Feed Making Machine

The detailed process of customers buying fish food pellet machine

Customers directly add our WhatsApp to inquire about the ish feed pelletizer machine. Our sales manager immediately replied to the customer and sent pictures, videos, and parameters of the fish food pellet machine. Then we recommended the DGP40 fish feed pelletizer machine according to the customer’s production demand.

After discussing with friends, the customer also decided to buy this type of machine. In addition, the customer also purchased another 10 molds.

Fish feed pelletizer machine's mold
Fish Feed Pelletizer Machine’S Mold

Payment and shipping of DGP40 floating fish food making machine

Customers pay through freight forwarders in China. After we receive payment from customers. Start packing and shipping the ish feed pelletizer machine. We use wooden boxes to pack the fish feed pelletizer machine and ship the machine by sea.

Why do customers choose our floating pellet machine?

  1. Our fish food pellet machine can make floating fish food pellets. In addition, the machine can also make feed pellets of various shapes.
  2. The fish food pellet machine processes raw materials at high temperatures. Raw materials are extruded at high temperatures, so they are not easy to disperse in water, and are good for fish digestion.
  3. Our fish food pellet machine is easy to operate and convenient to use and maintain.
  4. High-quality fish food pellet machine, the customer feedback that the machine maintenance times are less and the working effect is good.
Fish feed extrusion line
Fish Feed Extrusion Line