Feed Pellet Machine Is Very Important in Breeding Industry!

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With the rise of the breeding industry, machinery has replaced labor. Feed pellet machines have entered thousands of households, and feed processing equipment has become a right-hand man in feed processing plants.

What are the advantages of the feed pellet machines?

  • The selection of raw ingredients is relatively wide, corn, soybean meal, straw, grass, rice husk, and so on. And they are all configured according to nutritional formula. It can effectively avoid the problem of some raw materials rising, and reduce costs and increase revenue.
  • It is a piece of energy-saving equipment, and it is easy to operate and maintain. One person can operate it.
  • You can choose different molds according to your own livestock breeding, and the feed pellet size range is 1mm-12mm. It can breed a variety of livestock, and truly realize one machine for multiple breeding.
  • The produced feed has a smooth surface and internal maturation. So it can improve the nutrient absorption of animals, reduce various pathogenic microorganisms and digestive system diseases.
  • It can improve the palatability of livestock, increase animal feed intake, and shorten the growth cycle.
  • After compressing, the raw materials reduce volume and hard texture, which is convenient for storage and convenient for long-term storage and transportation.

What kind of power can it be equipped with?

According to the power, the feed pellet mill machines divide into motor types and diesel types. We can design and customize it according to the different needs of users.

Motor type

It has low noise, and is easy to operate and maintain, and also has a good product quality.

Diesel type

It adopts diesel engine design, compact and simple appearance, simple and convenient movement, which can save energy consumption and cost. At present, we sold our diesel feed pellet machines to Ghana, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, the United States, Indonesia, and so on. If you want to get an accurate quotation, you can contact us.


1.The pellet feed produced is bent and cracked?

Reason: When the pellets leave the machine, the position of the cutter is adjusted far from the surface and the blade is blunt, the cutter breaks or torn the pellets, instead of being cut when extruding from the die hole.
Solution: Adjust the distance between the cutter and the surface of the mold or replace it with a shaper cutter.

2.The surface of pellet feed is uneven?

Reason: Large-grain raw materials which are crushed or half-crushed cannot sufficiently soften during the quenching and tempering process. Thus it has not completely combined with other raw materials which makes the pellet feed appear uneven.
Solution: Fully soften all raw materials during tempering.

3. The color of single pellet feed or pellet feed between individuals are inconsistent?

This kind of situation is more common in the production of aquatic feed. The main manifestation is that the color of individual pellets is darker or lighter than other normal pellets, or the surface color of individual pellets is inconsistent, which affects the appearance quality of the entire batch of feeds.
Solution: Mix the ingredients in the formula evenly, and mix the added water evenly. Improve the quenching and tempering performance and control the tempering temperature if necessary.

How much is a set of feed pellet machines?

Recently, many customers inquire about the price of our feed pellet mill machines. But we need to remind all farmers that when inquiring about our feed processing equipment, you need to provide the output, raw materials, and breeding varieties that you may need. Then our sales staff will give you a suitable quotation according to your requirements.