What should be in dog food?

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Dog food is a nutritious food specially provided for dogs, and its role is mainly to provide the most essential nutrients for animal dogs to ensure life, growth and health. It has the advantages of comprehensive nutrition, high digestion and absorption rate, scientific formula, quality standards, convenient feeding and prevention of certain diseases. Pet food production line can output dog food.

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What kind of food intake ratio is suitable for the physiological needs of dogs? One of the most logical ways of thinking is to feed them according to the dietary needs of their species.

The dog’s ancestor was a wolf. In 1993, the International Society of Animal Naming redefined the classification of dogs from “Canis lupus familiaris” to “Canis lupus” (wolves). The society is an authoritative body that specializes in the study and definition of species classifications. The society concluded that dogs and wolves have 99.99% DNA identity and are classified under the carnivorous order, so they are carnivores. The pet dogs and working dogs around us have not changed their DNA because of the environment in which they live. Therefore, the ideal diet for dogs should be a high percentage of protein, some fat and offal, some bones, a small amount of vegetables, and zero starch.

Then how to choose the dog food that is most suitable for your dog? When buying dog food, it is usually packaged, and it is often impossible to smell or read. Therefore, the content of the ingredients on the package has become the fastest and most effective comparison method. I will tell you what the various contents of the dog food ingredients table really mean.

Good dog food content

1. Meat protein from high-quality sources, but must indicate what kind of meat, such as animal meat or poultry meat, which does not indicate which animal is not acceptable. ).

2. The top 2 of the ingredients should contain 1 whole meat source.

3. Untreated whole grains, vegetables and other food materials, because untreated food contains more and better quality nutrients and enzymes.

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Good dog food should contain a minimum amount of

1. Food residues, such as brewed rice, wheat bran, etc. Because of the low cost and low price of these grain residues, many cat / dog food manufacturers will include at least one kind of dry food to reduce costs Buy carefully and do not choose to contain multiple grain by-products of this type.

2. Meat by-products. All meat by-products are not high-quality protein if they are the main protein source in dog food.

Good dog food must not contain

1. A collective term for sources of oil or protein, such as animal fats. These are not labeled as animal fats (should be labeled as chicken fat, beef tallow, etc.).

2. Artificial preservatives (BHA, BHT, ETHOXYQUIN).

3. Artificial colors.

4. Sweeteners. Such as syrup (like corn syrup), sucrose and the like, to increase the taste of poor quality food.

5. Propylene glycol, a toxic substance, can be added to food to keep it “moist”.

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Good dog food should contain meat and a small quantity of cereal or starch. After all, dogs are descended from wolves. Wish every dogs can have healthy life and live happy.

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