Precautions and suggestions for feeding fish feed pellets

stock of floating fish feed pellet mill
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The fish food-making machine is a feed processing machine that compresses fish feed raw materials into fish feed pellet. As a kind of aquaculture equipment, the fish food pellet machine has already entered the fish farmers. It can effectively help aquaculture users reduce costs and increase economic benefits.

The pellet feed produced by the fish pelleting mechanism has the natural color of the raw material, generally dark yellowish-brown. If more fish meals and soybean meals are added, the color of the feed will be slightly yellow. When there are a lot of miscellaneous meals, the feed will appear dark red.

Precautions and suggestions

1. When the fingerlings are stocked, when the water temperature is low, the growth is slow, and the size is small, the particle diameter of the feed should be controlled at about 2mm. When the temperature rises and the growth of fingerlings accelerates, the diameter of the feed pellets should be 3-3.5mm in the middle stage and 4-4.5mm in the later stage. Therefore, when using the fish feed pellet machine to process fish pellet feed, the size of the feed pellets should be adjusted according to different periods to achieve the best feeding effect.

2. Because fish have no stomach, the feed stays in the intestine for a short time, and the digestion and utilization rate is not high. Therefore, when feeding feed, it should be fed several times, and each feeding should be a little less. The fingerlings are always in a semi-starved state, which can improve the utilization rate of feed.

3. In order to better prevent the occurrence of diseases in fingerlings, adding 1% salt to the feed powder before production can effectively prevent the occurrence of diseases in fingerlings.

4. The water temperature is different in the four seasons. It is necessary to start eating in the morning and stop eating in the evening. The middle makes the fish full and eat well.

5. The weather is sunny, the dissolved oxygen in the water is high, and the fish feeds vigorously. The weather is sultry and the dissolved oxygen in the water is low, and the fish should lose their appetite or not cast their heads.

6. Watercolor is a comprehensive phenomenon of water quality. If the water quality is refreshing and the watercolor is normal, it should be fed normally. On the contrary, you should invest less.

Fish feed pellet
Fish Feed Pellet

How to transport and store fish food pellets?

  1. When transporting, make sure that there is no water or moisture in the car box.
  2. Cover with a rainproof appliance such as canvas, one to prevent rain, and the other to prevent sun exposure.
  3. When unloading the truck, pay attention to putting the top layer of feed or the one that has been wet or broken on the top side so that it can be used early.
  4. When storing, the warehouse should be ventilated, cool, dry and clean. There is no molding material, the stacking should be standardized, and a certain distance should be maintained from windows and walls. If it is stored for a long time, it should be turned on regularly for ventilation. And if we need to store the feed for a long time, it is necessary to use a mold inhibitor.
Shipping of the fish feed
Shipping Of The Fish Feed