Malian Customers Once Again Choose Flat Die Pellet Production Line to Increase Production

pelletizing equipment for sale
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Customer background information

An old customer in Mali chose our company again and successfully purchased a set of flat die pellet production line machines. This customer has returned orders many times in previous cooperation and is satisfied with our product performance and services. This purchase is to meet the needs of business development and increase the production capacity of pellets.

Pellet mill for sale
pellet mill for sale

Why buy flat die pellet production line machine

This customer has purchased other machines from our company before and has a full understanding of the performance and stability of the product.

Due to the expansion of business and the increase in market demand, the customer decided to upgrade the production line to increase the output of pellets.

He has a high degree of trust in our machines and believes that our products are reliable assistants for his business development.

Feed pellet processing line
feed pellet processing line

Product customization to meet needs

Customers expressed early demand for high-volume granulators, crushers, and mixers. Our technical team had in-depth communication with customers, understood their specific needs, and provided them with a customized flat die pellet production line solution.

Among them, the design and performance of the pellet machine hair roller have been carefully adjusted to ensure that the high output requirements expected by customers are met.

Flat die pellet production line
flat die pellet production line

Resolve customer production concerns

Before purchasing, the customer expressed some doubts about the output and was worried about whether the new production line could meet its high output requirements.

By showing the customer the design and working principle of the pellet machine and providing operational examples of the production line, our company solved the customer’s doubts and increased his confidence in the machine’s performance.

Pellet production line design
pellet production line design

Multiple power options

During the flat die pellet production line purchase process, customers have been hesitating about the choice of diesel engines, motors, and generators.

After listing the prices of machines with different powers to customers, our company provides them with more choices to meet their different actual situations and needs.

With the upgrade of production lines, customers will be able to better adapt to changes in market demand, improve production efficiency, and achieve better economic benefits. Our company will continue to provide customers with reliable products and high-quality services and jointly promote the innovation and development of agricultural machinery technology.

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