Fish Feed Pellet Extruder Project Report To Ghana

fish food pelletizer for sale
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We are honored to successfully send a 300kg/h fish feed pellet extruder machine to Kenya, which provides advanced technology and high-quality equipment for its feed production industry and improves the quality of fish food.

Information about the customer

The client is an enterprise specializing in feed production and trading, dedicated to making high-quality fish feed independently and supplying it to fish farms and other related industries. They have very high demands on feed quality and production efficiency, and therefore urgently need a fish feed pellet extruder that can meet the needs of mass production.

Fish feed pellet extruder for sale
fish feed pellet extruder for sale

Customer needs for fish food pelletizer machine

Considering the scale of production and the special characteristics of fish food, the customer needs a set of fish food pellet mills that can produce 300kg per hour. This demand tested the professionalism of our technical team and the performance of the machine.

Understanding of fish feed pellet extruder

After understanding the technical parameters and production process of our fish pellet machine in detail, the customer has a clear understanding of its function and performance. They appreciated the high efficiency, energy saving, and easy operation of the equipment and thought it was exactly what their business needed.

Pellet machine certificate
pellet machine certificate

significance of this successful shipment

The successful shipment of this fish feed pellet extruder marks the deep promotion of our products in the Kenya market.

It not only provides customers with high-quality production tools but also contributes to the enhancement of the local feed production industry. At the same time, it is also a strong validation of the technical strength and manufacturing level of our products.