Single drum seasoning machine

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Single drum seasoning machine is a fully automatic equipment food processing seasoning equipment. It has the advantages of easy operation, high output and even mixing. What’s more, its material is stainless steel. This machine mixes all kinds of raw materials up and down, to achieve the effect of complete mixing. So that a lot of raw materials can be mixed evenly in a short time. It is used for stirring food seasoning powder or coating raw materials. Because it has simple and practical structure, it’s easy to clean and disinfect. Compared with double drum seasoning machine, it has only one drum. Also, it’s capacity is smaller than double drum seasoning machine, so it’s more suitable for home use or small scale industry.

Technical parameter

Install power0.75KW
Length of drum2100mm
Rotate speed of drumConstant speed

Advantages of our single drum seasoning machine

  1. The food seasoning equipment plays an important role in the production line, it’s very convenient, truly realize the full automatic production, save time and labor to improve the output. 
  2. The drum seasoning machine produced by our company is pure stainless steel, durable, long service life, and not easy to get rust. 
  3. The length and diameter of the cylinder can be customized according to the demands of customers. Therefore, customers can customize the appropriate seasoning equipment according to their own production needs.
  4. It can be used alone or with the production line, which is convenient and practical. 
  5. The equipment has a tilting seasoning drum, fully automatic control speed and material capacity. Thus, it’s suitable for continuous seasoning operation on the assembly line.

Installation and commissioning

The installation of seasoning machine should pay attention to the following points:

  1. The installation of all feet must be adjusted to ensure the stability of the machine.
  2. The screws on the machine must connect to the machine and fasten.
  3. When the equipment is in use, the rotating speed of the drum should be adjusted. After the rotating speed is moderate, the knob of the frequency converter can be adjusted no more.
  4. The frequency converter should be accelerated by slow speed during debugging. Do not speed up the speed once.