How does a pellet mill machine work?

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Pellet mill machine is a pelletizer machine, which squeeze the raw material into small pellets to feed animals or wood pellets. This article will mainly focus on the feed pellet machine. There are two kinds of pellet mill machine for producing feed pellet, flat die type pellet machine and pellet puffing machine. Flat die type pellet machine mainly outputs feed to animals like cow, horse, goat, sheep, rabbit, and so on. Pellet puffing machine is more suitable to produce fish feed pellet, including floating fish feed pellet and sinking fish feed pellet. Here let’s check the different types of pellet mill machine and their working principles.

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How does a pellet mill machine work?

Flat die type pellet machines working principle

The main components of the flat die granulator are a flat circular steel die and a set of (2 to 4) grooved freely rotating rollers. When the flat die pellet machine is working, the raw material drops from the top into the roller gap. Then the raw material is pressed into the die hole by the rotating roller. The machine extrudes a long cylindrical object from the die hole, and cut into pellets by a cutter. Finally discharge from the outlet. There are three driving modes: driving roller, driving flat die and dual driving.

Flat die type pellet machines feature

It is easy to granulate and low in cost. It is suitable for pressing fibrous raw materials. However, the linear velocity (circumferential velocity) of the inner and outer diameters on the flat die is not equal when the pellets are pressed. The raw materials on the flat die are subjected to centrifugal forces of different sizes, which makes the load on the working surface uneven. Therefore, the flat die diameter should not be too large, otherwise it will affect the uniformity of the finished product.

Pellet puffing machines working principle

The extruded granulator is mainly composed of a screw feeder, humidity control and stirring, an expanded granulating cavity, a pelletizer, and a power transmission. Some have been reduced to components such as screws and sleeves.

The working principle of the extruded pellet machine is simple. The screw rotates at high speed in the sleeve to produce extrusion and friction, which increases the temperature and pressure in the Jane. Temperature is up to 150 ° C and pressure up to 30-100kg/cm2. When the die hole is extruded into the atmosphere, the temperature and pressure drop suddenly. Under the effect of temperature and pressure differences, the water in the feed quickly evaporates. And the volume suddenly expands, so the feed becomes porous, and the water content decreases to 6% to 9%. 

Features of pellet puffing machine

The pellet puffing machine is widely used to produce fish feed pellet. Our pellet puffing machine can produce both floating fish feed and sinking fish feed. Actually, we learned from our customer’s real situation is that, some fish also eat sinking fish feed. If you want to reduce the cost of pelletizing, you can buy a flat die pellet machine to produce fish pellet. But if you want to see the situation of how much does fish eat and whether fish eating good or not, then you can choose pellet puffing machine.

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All in all, pellet mill machine is a good and helpful machine to produce feed pellet to feed animals. May be you think to buy a machine is a little expensive, but consider it, you will save a lot on buying feed. Producing feed by yourself will save much more and the raw material will be more reassuring. You can change the raw material very flexibly according to your animals growth stages and conditions. So choose a machine for your own farm animals!

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