Iraqi Fish Farmer Chooses Our Floating Fish Feed Pellet Mill

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In a recent successful transaction, we successfully sent a floating fish feed pellet mill machine to an Iraqi fish farmer, providing a brand new solution for his fish pond farming. This transaction customer discovered this machine through our YouTube channel and decided to purchase it after a thorough understanding, ushering in a new milestone for his aquaculture business.

Feed pellet making machine for sale
feed pellet making machine for sale

Background information about the customer

This Iraqi business owner owns a large fish pond and specializes in farming various types of fish and supplying their products to the local market. As a practitioner in the fish farming industry, he understands the importance of feed quality for fish growth.

Therefore, to improve the quality and efficiency of feed production, he searched for suitable machinery and equipment and finally chose our floating fish feed pellet mill.

Floating fish feed pellet mill
floating fish feed pellet mill

Needs for floating fish feed pellet mill

The customer had clear needs and expectations when he chose the fish food pellet machine. Firstly, he urgently needed a machine that could efficiently mix all kinds of raw materials and make pellets to ensure balanced and high-quality fish feed.

Secondly, he wanted a machine with a high degree of automation to reduce labor intensity and increase productivity. Finally, the customer is concerned about the durability and stability of the machine to ensure reliable operation for a long time.

Why did the customer choose us

Our fish food pelletizing machine perfectly meets the customer’s needs. The machine adopts advanced pelletizing technology, which can efficiently mix all kinds of feed ingredients and press them into uniform pellets through molds.

Fish food pellet machine for sale
fish food pellet machine for sale

Its fully automatic operating system makes the production process easier and reduces the burden of manual operation.

Meanwhile, the high-quality materials and exquisite craftsmanship ensure the durability and long service life of the machine, which fully meets the customers’ demanding requirements on the quality of the equipment.

Experience sharing and feedback

The customer shared his experience of using the machine soon after it was put into operation. He said that the put into use of the floating fish feed pellet mill has greatly improved the efficiency of feed production, and the uniformity and good taste of the feed particles have been favored by the fish.

Moreover, the automated operation of the machine makes the production no longer rely on too much manpower, which drastically reduces the production cost and improves the overall economic efficiency.