Fish feed pelleting machine in Nigeria

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Fish feed pelleting machine, widely known as an extruder which produces fish feed pellet. It’s also called pelletizer, granulator. In recent years, with the rapid development of the aquaculture industry worldwide, the fish food pellet machine has become a hot machine that can get a fortune. Last month we exported 20 sets fish feed pelleting machine to Nigeria. Fish feed production line is a more professional producing line which contains crusher, mixer, screw conveyor, extruder, pneumatic conveyor, dryer, bucket conveyor, counter flow cooler, roller sprayer, bucket conveyor, finished product bin, packing machine. The whole production line can produce high quality fish feed, and both floating fish feed and sinking fish feed.

Fish feed pellet machine
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Status of the aquaculture industry in Nigeria

Due to the geographical location of Nigeria, this country is very rich in precipitation throughout the year. And its groundwater resources are abundant. It is a country with many rivers. 

From a natural point of view, most parts of Nigeria are suitable for the development of the aquaculture industry. According to a reasonable economic development trend, Nigeria should be a country rich in aquatic resources. But in fact, in most parts of Nigeria, the aquatic species are very single, scarce and expensive. According to the data provided by the FAO of the United Nations, between 1996 and 2001, Nigeria spent a total of nearly 15 million US dollars to import a total of 25,934 tons of aquatic products on the market. This expenditure is a huge burden for a developing country like Nigeria.

Lack of fish feed

Nigeria produces more than 3.8 million tons of animal feed each year, of which less than 1% is fish feed.

Unreasonable feed distribution ratios are common. With the exception of some imported feeds, most feeds consist only of some legumes and grains. At the same time, pellet feed manufacturers that can promote the development of the aquaculture industry are still blank in Nigeria. 

Lack creates demand, demand is business opportunity

According to the order data of our company in the past six months, we have exported nearly 70 fish food pellet machines to Nigeria. On average, 10 fish food pellet machines are sold to Nigeria every month.

In November 2019, a customer came from Nigeria and sent us inquiry about fish feed pelleting machine. He had some cooperation with local government, who needed 20 sets of fish feed pellet machine. It’s for a beginning of a project.

We provide 11 models with different capacities, from 40kg per hour to 2ton per hour. So you can easily choose a model that suits you best. In consideration of many countries still don’t have enough electricity supply, we designed the machines which can also match with diesel engine. So, electric motor, diesel engine, even gasoline engine, you can choose whatever you want.

After three weeks negotiation, this customer from Nigeria finally decided to purchase the model with 250kg/H capacity. He bought 20 sets and we received his deposit in December. The machines were finished production after 1 week we received his deposit, and were delivered quickly.

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