Double drum seasoning machine / flavoring machine

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Double drum seasoning machine, also called flavoring machine, widely applies to pet food, snack seasoning production plant. Seasoning machine mixes seasonings and oil evenly into the ingredients to add flavor to the food. In addition, it can remove the burr on the edge of feed pellet, which makes its surface smoother and rounder.

The flavoring line mainly consists of two drums, the first drum sprays oil onto the feed, the second mixes seasonings into feed. So it can realize two functions, it combines the oil spraying function and seasoning function. And it has bigger capacity than single drum seasoning machine. If your demand capacity is more than 300kg/H, then you can choose this type. The inside wall and main part of machine is made of SUS304 stainless steel, it’s food safety material. This is a necessary machine in pet food production line, we will advise customers to choose the right model according to their own needs.

Technical parameter

Install power4.6KW
Consumption power3KW

Differences between single drum and double drum seasoning machine

The double drum seasoning machine has two drums when single one has one drum. Two drums of machine has different functions. The first one spayed oil onto the feed pellet to improve the attraction. The second drum sprinkles the seasoning onto the feed pellet to increase the flavor of food. The two steps are separate, which has better effect to the final product. This way of seasoning can also meet the requirements of most food seasoning processing.

Besides, because of two drums, the double drum seasoning machine has bigger capacity than the single one. It’s more suitable for the large processing plant.

Features of seasoning machine

  1. The machine uses the elevator to feed automatically.
  2. The seasoning is fed quantitatively by screw, and the spreader is designed to ensure even seasoning.
  3. The roller is formed by pressing once, without dead angle.
  4. The machine adopts imported injection head, the oil volume is adjustable, so can spray evenly.