3 differences between dog food and cat food

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Now with the improvement of people’s living standards, keeping pets has gradually become a new lifestyle. Many pet lovers have cats and dogs in their homes. In this way, cat food and dog food will definitely be available at home. Many directors will find that sometimes cats eat dog food, or dogs eat cat food. What’s the difference between cat food and dog food? Will it hurt cats and dogs if they are accidentally mixed? Let’s read on to see the differences between dog food and cat food.

Dog and cat
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Pet food is made of pet food production line. The whole line consists of flour mixer, screw conveyor, twin screw extruder, air conveyor, multi-layer oven, flavoring line and cooling machine. You check our website to see more information.

Nutritional difference

The nutritional content of cat food and dog food is different. After all, we all know that dogs are generally larger and cats are smaller, so the ratio of various vitamins or amino acids required by dogs to cats is different. Generally speaking, the same amount of dog food contains about 24% -30% protein, while cat food has 30% -36%.

Dog food
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Therefore, do not feed cat food and dog food to the wrong object. Their nutritional components are different. If they are fed incorrectly, the diet of the cat or dog will be uneven. For some people, for the sake of convenience, even feeding two types of animals with one kind of feed for a long time is a wrong approach!

Functional difference

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There is also a distinction in food function between cat food and dog food. For example, there are many nutrients in cat food to reduce cat hair loss, or hairball problems. Because cats ‘tongues are different from dogs, cats’ tongues have barbed thorns, which are used to comb hair. So cats often eat hair. Cat food can avoid this problem, and dog food cannot.

3 Differences Between Dog Food And Cat Food 10

Cats need twice as much protein as dogs. If cats eat dog feed for a long time, they will cause insufficient nutrition, leading to slow growth, weight loss, mental deterioration, rough fur and loss of luster, loss of appetite, fatty liver and other phenomena.

Appearance difference

Comparing the particle size of dog food to cat food, dog food is relatively large, and cat food is small. Moreover, according to relevant data, cats are more picky about eating than dogs. Therefore, many cat foods are made finely, with many small pieces of different shapes. If cats eat too much dog food, it may cause some indigestion and even severe gastritis. 

Production process

    Cat food and dog food production process is almost the same. But because dog and cat need different nutrition, so the raw materials are different. They can both be processed by twin screw extruder, and complete processed by the whole production line.

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