What kind of food do rabbits eat?

Rabbit food is a nutritious food specially provided for pet rabbits. It is a high-grade animal food between human food and traditional livestock and poultry feed. Its role is to provide pet rabbits with the most basic life guarantee, nutrients needed for growth and development and health. Rabbit food has the advantages of comprehensive nutrition, high digestion and absorption rate, scientific formula, quality standards, convenient feeding, etc. It also adds some nutritional supplements that can prevent certain diseases.

Then how is rabbit food made? Rabbit food is a kind of feed pellet, its structure is similar to feed of horse, cows, cattle, goats. So a feed pellet making machine can make rabbit food. Pellet making machine, also known as pelletizer and granulator, it’s a very efficient pellet mill machine. The pellet mill machine can process raw materials like straw, hay, stalks, corn kernels. People usually crushes the raw material into flour and then put it into feed hopper of pellet mill. Besides, pellet mill machine is also applied to making wood pellet, so it’s also called wood pellet machine. We provide many models of pellet mill machine, they have different capacities and different engine powers.

After knowing this, let’s see more details of rabbits food.

What kind of food do rabbits eat?

As we all know, humans are a kind of advanced omnivores, and we can basically eat anything. But you know what? Rabbits were originally pure carnivores, but after nearly 10,000 years of human domestication, they became herbivorous omnivores. The pet rabbit’s intestine is short, it is not easy to digest too much carbohydrates, and it is easier to absorb alfalfa material. 

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Rabbit staple food must be pasture. Because forage contains a large amount of crude fiber, on the one hand rabbits can complete their molars when eating, on the other hand the crude fiber can promote intestinal peristalsis. Good teeth, good intestinal motility … are necessary conditions for a rabbit to survive. 

Timothy belongs to the grass family and is the most common edible grass for rabbits. For young rabbits under 6 months, due to developmental needs, alfalfa, a leguminous plant, is high in calcium and high in protein. Timothy is mainly in adulthood. 

What are advantages of rabbits food?

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  1. Each kind of rabbit food is designed by a professional pet nutritionist based on the rabbit’s own physiological nutritional requirements. It contains the necessary proteins, vitamins, minerals, etc. of pet rabbits, and has comprehensive and balanced nutrition. 
  2. Rabbit food contains nutrients that improve immunity of rabbits, which can greatly improve the disease resistance of pet rabbits, make them less susceptible to illness, and extend the life of pet rabbits.
  3. Generally rabbit food has the advantages of low moisture content, easy storage, and easy deterioration. Avoid pets from various diseases caused by eating outdated, moldy, spoiled food.
  4. Rabbit food has a variety of packaging specifications, which is simple to use and easy to carry.

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