What ingredients should be in cat food?

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Cat food is a general term for food that cats eat. Cat food can exercise and clean your cat’s teeth, which has oral health benefits to some extent. High-quality cat food generally pays attention to nutritional balance, which can ensure the cat’s daily demand for higher protein and trace elements. Cat food is generally easy to save and use, which greatly saves pet feeding time and caters to a fast-paced lifestyle.

Then what kind of cat food can be called good cat food? What ingredients should be in cat food? Let’s check it according to nutrients your cat needs.

Ingredients should be in cat food

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What Ingredients Should Be In Cat Food? 9

Cats are pure carnivores, and pure meat feeding is the best. If you feed food, you must look at three points when choosing food:

1. Selection of meat in the ingredients (fresh fish, beef, chicken?);

2. Selection of raw materials (such as soybean, corn);

3. Proportion of vegetarian fillings (such as wheat bran);

The most important thing about identifying good or bad cat food is the source of the protein. The best use of fresh meat in raw materials, followed by meat meal. And the higher the meat content, the better the raw material for cat food. The protein and fat components of natural cat food are mostly from raw materials, which are mostly composed of fresh whole meat and a small amount of meat meal.

Trace elements

The calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus content of cat food is also a top priority. A 1: 1 ratio of calcium to phosphorus is best, and more calcium is better. Excessive phosphorus levels prevent calcium absorption and increase kidney burden. Magnesium content should be less than or equal to 0.1%, generally not more than 0.15% is acceptable, and more than 0.3% will cause serious damage to the cat’s kidneys and quickly cause urethral diseases.

What Ingredients Should Be In Cat Food? 10

Attention: Some people say that cats eat too much viscera in animals to cause vitamin A poisoning. In fact, vitamin A can cause poisoning only when consumed in very large amounts. If you want poisoning, a cat eats 7kg of internal organs a week to cause poisoning. Cats can’t eat so much entrails at all…

The benefits of cat food

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When a cat chews and chews while eating dry food, hard cat food debris will also clean the cat’s teeth, and it will not jam the teeth and cause dental problems. Cats that only eat meat or canned food must pay attention to cleaning their teeth to prevent dental problems! Generally, cats that are purely meat-fed have bones added to their meat. Hard food helps to clean the mouth.

To sum up

Cats are different from dogs. Cats are pure carnivores and their stomachs are relatively delicate. Meat, protein, fiber, and trace elements in cat food are all criteria for determining whether it is good cat food. I hope every cat and dog in the world will be healthy and well fed.

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