Vertical packing machine price

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In the food processing and production industry, the most inseparable is the packaging of various foods. There are many types of packaging machinery that can package food products. So packaging machine is used for food packaging is a topic of great concern for enterprise buyers. The packaging machines for different food types are different.

Vertical packaging machine is a commodity packaging machine. It’s developed for powder objects, not only for food packaging, but also for its wide range of applications. It is also widely used in powders and small granules. Such as common puffed snacks, milk powder, and cat food and dog food are using vertical packaging machines. It reduces a lot of procedures in the work, simplifies, automates, and intelligent the tedious packaging, and also reduces a lot of production costs, winning more and more value for the enterprise. The improvement of the vertical packaging machine can not only improve its own functions, promote the growth of the industry’s technological level, but also be recognized by more and more users, increase the application area, and develop space. 

Vertical packing machine price

There are many different models of vertical packaging machines. These models are mainly distinguished by how much raw material can be packed in each package. So the price of vertical packaging machine is various.

At the same time, the vertical packaging machine mainly adopts stainless steel. It has a precise PLC computer control system, a Chinese and English touch display, and is easy to operate and intuitive. Our company accept vertical packaging machine customization according to the different needs of customers. Such as packet type, we will try our best to meet customer needs.

Structural features of vertical automatic packaging machine

1. Our vertical packaging machine adopts imported PLC automatic control system, human-machine interface, and touch screen operation is simple and intuitive.

2. Servo film transport system, accurate positioning, complete machine performance, beautiful packaging

3. Intelligent temperature controller is adopted to ensure accurate temperature control and ensure beautiful and smooth sealing. We also used the easy-to-tear device to enhance the consumer experience.

4. The machine can complete the measurement, feeding, filling bag making, date printing, inflation (exhaust), finished product output and complete automatic counting.

5. Bag-making form: This machine can make pillow-shaped bags and punching bags according to customer needs.

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