Pet food production line sold to Columbia

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Pet food production line, is a complete equipment which produces pet food pellet. It processes raw material like grain mill, meat meal, fish meal and bone meal. The pet food manufacturing plant squeezes and puffs the raw material into cooked pellet, and can also do seasoning and packaging to them. The final product is pet food or fish feed pellet which can be sold directly. It’s widely welcomed by pet food and aquatic animal feed production industry. In recent year, because of the rapid development of pet food and fish feed processing industry, this production line is hot-sale in many countries. Such as Togo, Ghana, Nigeria, Columbia, Peru, New Zealand, etc..

Successful case

In August, a customer from Columbia sent inquiry to us about pet food production line. He wanted to purchase dog food machine for his industry. The area of his factory was already decided, so he needed a company who could design the plant according to his factory area directly. Fortunately he came to us. He sent the design paper of his factory to us, and our engineers and sales man designed the layout immediately. They used less than three days to completely finish the whole design according to this customer’s factory. This made the customer very happy and satisfy.

After sale

The customer’s factory was built completely in September, in the same month, he paid for the pet food production line. The line included mixer, extruder, dryer, seasoning machine and packaging machine. Later he received the plant, according to his demand, we sent two engineers to his local place to help him finish the installation. Because of professional technique of our engineers and local workers helpful support, they finished the equipment installation and building in just one week. They tried the machine many times to make sure there were no problems before they were ready to return. The customer felt that our engineer was very responsible and warm-hearted, and he greatly appreciated our cooperation.

Why do you choose us? Let me show you the reasons.

  1. We have long-term machinery manufacturing experience. Our company was founded in 2011 and started exporting in 2013. We have a professional machine design and production team and a sales team has professional foreign trade knowledge. Before selling any machine to you, we will recommend the most suitable equipment to you. We also provide layout design according to your factory area. Besides, customers are welcomed to visit our factory in China, and we also send engineers aboard to help customers install the equipment.
  2. Our machines are practical and worth-able. The complete pet food production includes crusher, mixer, conveyor, extruder, dryer, seasoning machine, and packaging machine. You can choose the machine you need, and we will design the suitable layout which can save cost and human labor. We promise to offer the plant with automation to the great extent.

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