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pet food production line

Pet food machine is the main production line of our company. It processes raw material into pellets to feed pets. The raw material can be grains, straw, vegetables, meat meal, bone meal, nutrition powder, and so on. The final product is pelleted with different shapes. The pet food production line can output feed pellets such as dog food, cat food, rabbit food, birdseed, fish feed, turtle food, and many other general pets feed pellets. It’s widely applied to the pet food industry, which is also a rapidly emerging industry in recent years. The complete pet food production line includes a flour mixer, conveyor, extruder, oven, seasoning machine or flavoring line, and cooling machine. The capacity of this line will depend on the extruder, and we also offer many options for customers to choose from according to their demands.

Thanks to more and more people loving to keep pets, they also pay more attention to scientific feeding methods to keep their pets healthy. Since 2013, our pet food machine has been welcomed by many countries. Last week, we sold one plant to Brazil. It’s also popular with customers from Canada, Argentina, Spanish, Australia, Mexico, etc..   

Brief introduction of pet food production line

Pet food production line
Pet Food Production Flow

Flour mixer→ screw conveyor→ twin screw extruder→ air conveyor→ multi-layer oven→ flavoring line→ cooling machine

The raw material goes into the flour mixer after crushing (some raw materials also need one crusher). The mixer blends material into even and fine power, then the screw conveyor transfers the material into a twin-screw extruder. The extruder squeezes the material into pellets, the shape and figure can be changed by different molds. The Air conveyor transfers the pellets into a multi-layer oven, which roasts the pellets, removes the water, and keeps the pellets storing longer. The flavoring line seasons the pellets and increases palatability. The pellets come out from the flavoring line then go into the cooling machine, and get cooled in case of metamorphism. Some customers will also choose to package the final product into bags to sell directly. So we also offer a packing machine as an option.

Technical specification of pet food production line

ModelInstalled powerPower consumptionOutputSize

Raw material, molds and final production

Raw material

Raw material of pet food
Pet Food Machine | Pet Food Production Line 9


Pet food making mold
Pet Food Machine | Pet Food Production Line 10

Final production

You can make different shapes of pellets by changing them above mold.

Pet food
Pet Food Machine | Pet Food Production Line 11

Main dog food machine introduction

Main machine in pet food production line
Main Machine In Pet Food Production Line
  • Mixer. It mixes the powder of the ingredients well. According to the production line to choose different types of mixing machine, there are three types for you to choose.
  • Screw conveyor. The motor is used for power spiral transmission to ensure convenient and fast feeding.
  • Twin screw extruder. The main machine of the whole line, which also decides the capacity of the whole plant. The screw material adopts the alloy steel (38CrMoAL). The raw material can be corn flour, grain flour, meat meal, bone meal, fish meal, etc.. The specific product shape can be changed by different molds.
  • Conveyor. The conveyor sends the feed pellets to the oven, the height of the conveyor is determined according to the oven. Customer also can choose the air conveyor.
  • Multi-layer oven. The oven is mostly electric oven, the temperature is between 0-200 degrees through the control cabinet to adjust by itself. The internal of the machine is stainless steel double-mesh belt. Baking time can be adjusted according to the quantity of layers. It can be three, five, seven layers of stainless steel oven. The baking time will depend on the capacity.
  • Flavoring line. There are octagonal flavor cylinder, single drum, double drum flavor line. We will make the configuration according to the specific output and the nature of the product.
  • Cooling machine. This part adopts water-cooled circulating drum. Used for preliminary cooling and conveying of products.

Successful case of pet food production line

In October we received an inquiry about a cat food-making machine from a customer of Brazil. He used to be a worker of a dog food manufacturing factory, who noticed the cat food making industry was also rising rapidly in Brazil. Thus, the customer decided to build a factory himself and produce scientific, and good quality cat food. He planned for about half of a year and came to us about a manufacturing plant. Due to our professional technical suggestions and design of the plant layer, finally, he chose us. This customer wanted to customize the shape of the pellet, we accepted his request and showed the sample of mold and the output of the customized shape to him. Delightfully he was very satisfied with the effect. He paid the deposit last week and now his machines are under production.

How much is the pet food production line?

As shown above, the pet feed production line includes many stand-alone machines. If your budget is limited, you can purchase the main machines in the entire production line to complete pet feed production, such as a Twin-screw extruder, dryer machine, Seasoning machine. Of course, you can also Purchase others according to your own needs. Therefore, the price of the pet feed production line is not certain, there are high and low prices. You can tell us your needs and our business manager will give you an accurate quotation. Many people also ask how much does it cost to manufacture dog food? In fact, the answer is the same. In fact, the production of dog food is very simple, only a double screw extruder is needed. But there will be a lot of work to be done in the follow-up, such as drying, cooling, packaging, and so on. No matter how you want to produce dog food, you can contact us and our sales consultant will give you an accurate quotation.

Pet food production line
Pet Food Production Line

Is it cheaper to make your own dog food?

If you do pet breeding, it may be cheaper to make feed pellets yourself than to buy dog food. You can also sell the pet feed you produce, which is also a way for you to make money. In fact, it is very cost-effective to buy a pet production line, which can produce not only dog food, but also cat food, rabbit feed, and so on.

FAQ about dog food machine

1.What’s the material of the machine?

The sheating material is made of 201 stainless steel, screw is alloy steel (38CrMoAL), the barrel of the machine is 45# carbon steel.

2.What can be raw material?

Grains, meat meal, and so on.

3.What’s the capacity of the production line?

Two models of the line, one is 150kg/H, another is 250kg/H.

4.Can I know the recipe of the pellet?

Yes, we can provide one after you buy the machine.

5.What’s the heating temperature?

160°, it’s adjustable.

6.Can I have different sizes of mold?

Yes, we will provide 4 pcs of mold for free if you buy our machine, and the shape is customizable.

7.Does this plant need an air compressor?

No, it doesn’t.

8.What’s the difference between single-screw and double-screw?

Single-screw extruder mainly produces pasta, rice noodles. A Double-screw extruder produces pellet and puffed food.

9.What’s the working principle of a pet food extruder?

Under the action of high temperature and high pressure, the extruder squeezes and produces the pellets, using frequency control mode, which allows the work effect very stable.

10.Is there any cautions about the raw material?

The meat meal should be less than 20%.

11.I want to know more details of every single part of the plant…

No problem, welcome to check our website to see every single machine’s elaborate introduction.

12.What’s the warranty time of this plant?

1 year quality guarantee period, preferentially supply spare parts.

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