Pellet feed machine is necessary for animal breeding

animal pellet feed material

Nowadays, the pellet feed goes viral among different countries in the world. Why the animal feed pellet will replace the traditional animal food deserves our research? After studying related data and reports, this article will explain the necessity of pellet feed machine for animal breeding.

Pellet feed machine improves the taste of cattle and sheep feed.

Crushed feed and fine hay are not suitable for the appetite of cattle and sheep, so it will cause material waste. The use of feed pellet machines can make the feed more delicious, reduce material waste, and save costs. It can make animals grow faster. Cattle and sheep eat pellet feed faster and more compared with eating unprocessed food.

Cattle pellet feed
cattle pellet feed

Save space and make it easier to store feed

If you often raise cattle and sheep, you will find it is not easy to store your feed in winter. Therefore, you can transfer it into pellet feed through an animal feed pellet machine because the water content of the feed pellet is about 14%, which is very easy to preserve.

Pellet making machine improve the cost-effectiveness of animal breeding

The following will illustrate with two specific examples

1.Livestock breeding:

If you want to engage in cattle and sheep breeding for a long time or on a large scale, it is not cost-effective to purchase breeding materials from a feed factory.
For example, if we buy 1,000 kilograms of such feed, which consists of 650 kilograms of corn, 300 kilograms of soybean meal, and 50 kilograms of premix, the cost will be more expensive. However, If you use a feed pellet machine to produce it by using raw materials by yourself, you can save nearly 1/3 of the cost per kilogram. In the long term, purchasing feed pellet machines can save costs and improve economic efficiency.

2.Poultry breeding:

Large-scale poultry or livestock breeding requires the use of pellet machines, which can save nearly half of the price per catty of feed compared to buying feed from the market.

Provide more nutrition value for animals

In the process of animal breeding, feed for animals is very important. The traditional feed cannot balance nutrition, and because some foods are not suitable for animal tastes, some feeds will be wasted. Making animal pellet feed by pellet mill machines can integrate multiple types of raw materials to provide a balanced configuration of nutrients to meet the needs of animals. Animals can grow healthier and faster with the need for nutrients such as energy, protein, minerals, trace elements, and vitamins.

What machines should you choose to produce pellet feed?

The pellet-making machine is of a variety of types so that we can have more choices. The production speed of the material machine is fast, which will reduce the time spent on feeding. Different types of feed production machines have different production speeds, from 60kg/h to 800kg/h. You can contact us to tell us your needs.

Fish feed pellet mill machine
Fish Feed Pellet Mill Machine

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