How to Use Animal Feed Pellet Machine to Reduce Breeding Cost

how to reduce breeding cost
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Many farmers said: “The breeding is not as good as before. Sometimes the profit is low, and we can’t make money in a year.” Some farmers also said: “The price of cattle and mutton has risen a lot this year, so we can breeding them to get profit” In fact, breeding is still profitable. Whether raising pigs, cattle, sheep, or chickens, the key to getting profit is how to reduce production costs. This article takes you to understand how to use animal feed pellet machine to reduce farming costs

Use Animal Feed Machines to Reduce Breeding Costs

To reduce production costs, you can consider self-processing feed. Because according to the current feed price trend, the price is raising more and more fiercely, and the price of full-price feed fluctuates. Making your own feed can not only reduce the output cost of feed but also make your own feed more nutritious feed. It can not only reduce the input of feed but also promote the acceleration of the growth rate of livestock.

Reduce Costs by Producing Feed Yourself

First, you can choose a novel feed pellet machine, which is a multi-purpose machine. The machine is suitable for all kinds of feed processing plants, livestock farms, and poultry farms. The various feed pellet can be produced by changing the mold. You can produce feed pellets with different feed formulas according to animal habits. The machine can process feed pellets for cattle, horses, rabbits, sheep, chickens, ducks, geese, and fish at the same time. You can choose the type of feed pellet machines according to the required out yield.

Feed pellet for cattle
Feed Pellet For Cattle

Selection of Feed Ingredients

The raw materials are relatively easy to obtain and low cost.

The materials can be corn, soybeans, bran, rice bran, broken rice, sorghum, fish meal, soybean meal, cotton meal, rapeseed meal, various trace elements (stone powder, calcium hydrogen phosphate, etc.), antibiotics, vitamins (single vitamin or multiple vitamins, etc.), etc. And also need to use pharmaceutical additives when in large-scale production.

Avoid Production Errors of Animal Feed Pellet Machine

According to the accumulated experience from our customers for many years, the types of animals that raised are different, and the grinding holes of the feed pellet mill discs are also different. Here, we provide a variety of pellet machine specifications for your choice. (Customers can freely adjust the length of the pellets)

  • The ultra-fine 1.5 mm mill disc is used for breeding miniature birds and aquatic animals such as bird breeding.
  • The 2.0 mm mill disc is for breeding: thrush, finch, and other pet birds.
  • The 2.5 mm milling disc is for breeding: baby rabbits, baby chickens, baby ducks, baby geese, baby pigeons, baby birds, baby peacocks, baby aquatic fish, and other small animals.
  • 3-4 mm mills disc are breeding: rabbits, chickens, ducks, geese, pigeons, birds, peacocks, aquatic fish, etc.
  • (3-4 mm specifications are 3.0mm, 3.5mm, 4.0mm for your choice)
  • 5-6 mm mills disc are breeding: pigs, cows, sheep, dogs, pigs, horses.
  • (5-6 mm specifications have 5.0mm, 6.0mm for your choice)
  • 7-12 mm is generally used to make bait, breeding large birds, mice, and other large animals, and it takes a few days to customize it.

(7-12 mm specifications are 7.0mm, 8.0mm, 9.0mm, 10mm, 12mm for your choice)

The size of the grinding disc of the animal feed pellet machine is configured according to customer requirements. During the communication with our sales consultant, please inform us of the type of animal you are raising and the size of the animal, so that we can recommend the hole size of the grinding disc that suits you. If you have special requirements, please note the diameter requirements of the pellet machine grinding disc, we will install, debug, and ship according to your requirements.

We hope that our suggestions above can help farmers reduce costs and improve efficiency.

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