How to use and maintain pellet mill machine properly?

After you buy one pellet machine to your home, you must want to ensure to use and maitain it properly. Then how to do that? Let me help you solve your problem. Pellet mill machine is the main feed machinery product currently produced by our factory. Based on the domestic and foreign advanced flat-mode granulators, our factory’s scientific and technical personnel have accumulated years of production experience to repeatedly research, improve, and carefully manufacture the feed machinery. The gears are selected to avoid the slippage of the traditional belt drive and the belt wears too quickly. And we designed with different models, is the ideal processing machinery for farmers and feed processing industries. 

Application and features

1. This machine is mainly used for processing rabbits, fish, ducks, chickens, shrimps, pigs, cattle, sheep and industrial particles. It is widely used in industry, plastic pellets, organic fertilizer pellets and wood pellets.

2. Corn can be added directly without crushing. The surface of this machine-made granular feed is smooth, moderate in hardness, and the temperature rise is low during processing, and it can better maintain the nutritional components inside the raw materials.

Note: If corn is added without pulverization, resulting in uneven particle composition, it should not be used as much as possible.

3. The pellet composition is uniform, the shape is neat, and the particle diameter can be divided into: φ2, φ2.5, φ3, φ3.5, φ4, φ5, φ6, φ7, φ8 and so on. When ordering, users can choose according to the needs of different growth periods of farmed animals.

4. By squeezing, it can kill common pathogenic microorganisms and parasites and prevent some diseases. Due to the low moisture content of the pellet feed, it is easy to store and can remain in the original state for a long time in the water, which greatly improves the utilization rate of the feed.


1. Pay attention to the fact that there must be no foreign objects such as stones and iron in the raw materials. After more than ten shifts of the rollers, the rollers must be disassembled, and high temperature grease should be added to the bearings to make the rollers work well and prolong the service life of the rollers. .

2. During granulation, it is strictly forbidden that the pressure roller contacts with the template and idling. At the same time, the pressure plate nut is locked to prevent loosening and damage to the spindle keyway.

3. If the particles are broken or crushed, the proportion of crude fiber feed should be reduced to less than 50%.

4. If there is no granulation and no discharge during granulation, the template should be removed, and after opening hole by hole, some fiber feed can be added appropriately to restart the granulation.

5. Regularly check the tightness of the belt, replace the oil seal in time if there is oil leakage in the gearbox, and regularly check the machine head and the pressure roller bearings for oil shortage.

Common fault and eliminating methods

Common faultReason Eliminating methods
Die holes are blocked when the machine is runningCorrosion of flat die cavity, poor finishExcessive gap between template and rollerRemove residual particles in die holesRolling and grinding with oily powderAdjust gap between 0.1-0.3 mm
Pellets contain excessive powder or do not form into particlesPowder moisture content is too lowPowder moisture content is too highLarge amount of coarse fiber in powderIncrease water contentReduce water contentIncrease sticky powder
Capacity are getting smallerExcessive gap between mold and rollerMoisture content is too lowAdjust the die roll gapIncrease water content
The output pellets are hard and shinyLow moisture content of powderIncrease powder moisture content
The pellets has soft edges and rough surfacesImproper moisture contentNew templateReduce or increase water contentSqueeze with oily powder
The pellet machine suddenly shuts downLarge hard foreign matter or metal enters between the die rollersRemove foreign body

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