How to make grain free dry cat food?

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Cat owners should know that cats are pure carnivores. Their gastrointestinal and digestive systems are different from humans, so they do not need grains to supplement nutrition like humans. In the past few years, it has become more and more popular for cats to eat grain free cat food for cats. That is, cat food that does not contain grains, such as wheat and corn.

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Nowadays, more grain free cat foods are promoted on the market. The first taste component can be as lean as possible, in line with the cat’s meat preferences. And the second can avoid the occurrence of aflatoxin to a certain extent. There are also many rumors that grain free cat food is less sensitive than cereal-based cat food. This has led many shovel officials to believe that grain free cat food is a better choice for cats. But is grain free cat food really better than grain free cat food?

What is in grain free cat food?

From a nutritional point of view, the most important thing for pet food is whether the cat food can provide balanced nutrients. If food contains too many or insufficient nutrients, it will be harmful to your cat’s health. Therefore, as long as the dry cat food can maintain the cat’s nutritional balance, whether or not the food contains cereal, it is a good choice for cats.

When there is a cat food that can meet this condition, and the cat is already used to eating, then it is not necessary to eat cat food without cereal. However, it is often advertised that grain free cat food is often based on providing a high-protein, low-carb diet. It is more reasonable in nutrition than grain free food. However, in fact, many grain free cat foods use potatoes and other ingredients to replace cereals in foods. So the carb-free content of grain free cat food is not low, and even higher than some grain free foods. 

Grain free cat food makes it easier for cats to digest?

Some grain free cat food supporters will think that cat food with cereals is not natural. For example, cats eat meat by nature. Indeed, cats naturally prefer to eat some meat foods, but today cats have been able to digest cereals and other carbohydrate foods after years of evolution. Carbohydrates are not as difficult to digest as expected. But there is no gluten cat food and gluten cat food for cats. 

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Is grain free cat food less prone to allergies?

Many cat owners believe that the allergenicity of grain free cat food is lower, which can prevent cats from allergic to food and cause discomfort. However, corn and other grains are not in themselves the most common allergens in food. Studies have shown that corn is actually one of the least likely sources of pet food allergies. 

Some people evaluated 56 cats with food allergies. 45 of them were allergic to beef, dairy products, and fish, while only 4 were caused by corn.

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How to make grain free dry cat food?

    Dry cat food producing flow is like the puffed food producing flow. There is a main machine named extruder, usually twin-screw extruder, which can squeeze and output raw material by high temperature and pressure. Then the knife will cut the extruded pet food at the outlet into small pellets. After drying, cooling, the dry cat food is finished. We are professional pet food product machine manufacturer from China, you can check our website to know more details.

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