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This article mainly shares a pellet chicken feed production by using the broiler feed machine. This method is simple and feasible to operate. It can solve the waste of chicken feed and improve environmental sanitation in chicken farms. Also, it can save money for chicken farms. Before making chicken feed, first, you have to get to know the feed ingredients.

Ingredients of Chicken Feed

The main ingredients of chicken feed are water, crude protein, carbohydrates, crude fat, minerals, vitamins, and so on. Chickens must regularly take in certain nutrients in order to maintain life, grow and lay eggs. These nutrients all come from a feed. When configuring chicken feed, corn, millet, sorghum, and barley are often used as the main ingredients. Add appropriate amounts of wheat bran, bean cake, fish meal, shell meal, salt, additives, etc. The feed ingredients eaten by chickens in different periods are different, please refer to the following for details:

1. Feed ingredients for chickens aged 1 to 3 weeks: 60% corn, 5% millet, 4% sorghum, 5% wheat bran, 8% soybean cake, 8% fish meal, 3% bone meal, 5% blood meal, 1.5% stone meal, 0.3 % table salt with appropriate amount of additives.

2. Feed ingredients for chickens aged 4 to 6 weeks: 60% corn, 4% sorghum, 6% wheat bran, 15% bean cake, 3% peanut cake, 2% cotton cake, 3% blood meal, 5% fish meal, 1% shell Powder, 0.7% bone meal, 0.3% salt.

3. Feed ingredients for chickens aged 7 to 14 weeks: 60% corn, 6% sorghum, 12% barley, 10% soybean cake, 3% fish meal, 0.7% shell meal, 5% locust leaf meal, 2% bone meal, 0.3% salt, The amount of additives.

4. 15-25 weeks old chicken feed ingredients: 65% corn, 5% barley, 15% wheat bran, 7% bean cake, 2% cotton cake, 2% fish meal, 1.5% shell meal, 2% bone meal, 0.3% salt , The amount of additives.


The Main Steps of Making Chicken Feed

The main step is to mix the prepared dry feed evenly, add water and then stir evenly. The amount of water added is 18%-20% of the weight of the dry feed. Then use a broiler feed pellet mill or a feed extruder to pelletize, and then dry the pellet, package the feed pellet.


The specific production process is as follows:

1. Prepare corn flour, bran, doubai bone meal, fish meal, and salt according to weight and proportion.

2. Stir the prepared dry feed evenly, add water and then stir evenly. The amount of water added is 18%-20% of the weight of the dry feed.

3. Then use the chicken feed pellet machine or chicken feed extruder to pelletize.

4. Spray a small amount of vegetable oil to improve the taste of the feed

5. Pellet feed can be eaten or packaged directly after drying.

Advantages of Broiler Feed Machine

Experts say the chicken feed produced by the chicken feed pellet mill machine has obvious advantages.

Save feed, safe and hygienic

The pellet chicken feed produced by this method is not easy to be brought to the ground when the chicken is eaten. Even if it is dropped on the ground, the chicken will eat it. It is not only safe and hygienic but also suitable for chickens.

Improve chicken appetite

Because the chicken feed produced by the broiler feed pellet machine has a faint fragrance, which can stimulate the appetite of the chicken. Feeding pellets can increase the feed intake by 10%-15%. The utilization rate of feed is also greatly improved.

Improve the economic benefits of farmers

It speeds up the feeding and growth of chickens, further improves its meat quality. Also, it makes the chickens have good color and taste, and can enhance the disease resistance of grass chickens. So that the economic benefits of chicken farmers are greatly improved.

In the process of chicken feed compression, after a short period of high temperature and high pressure, it can kill parts of parasites and microorganisms. It also can make the starch in chicken feed gelatinize, protein organization, enhance enzyme activity, and make these chicken feed more Conducive to digestion.

Why homemade chicken feed by chicken feed pellet mill

Artificially chicken feed is basically loose, mostly in powder form. Chickens often bring the powder feed to the ground when eating, which is wasteful, unsanitary, and difficult to clean up. At present, chicken feed pellet is sold on the market, but the price is high, which increases the cost of raising chickens. Some small chicken farms prepare their own feed in powder form, which inevitably causes waste and affects environmental hygiene. This article provides chicken farms with a simple and feasible method of producing pellet chicken feed, which solves the problem of wasting homemade chicken feed and affects environmental sanitation. It can save chicken farms. For those small and medium-sized chicken farmers, experts recommend using a chicken feed pellet machine to make chicken feed. The small chicken feed pellet machine has low investment, because the raw materials are cheap. The chicken feed made is nutritious, and the machine is convenient to use.

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